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Recently I’ve been way too focused on misery. I’ve been organizing the collection of my worst memories far too often.

Finally it has gotten to the point that I am ready to release all of my sorrow and misery.

There are many great websites that offer ideas for ways to release negativity.

I discovered the best way for me sometimes is to move my body. Ecstatic dance is a wonderful way to shift energy from misery to allowing an open space for more joy.

Today I listened to Passion Pit’s album Gossamer, and that album has great tunes for creative, ecstatic dance.

Another element that helped me realize how much greater joy could be created in my life is the positive spiritual people on YouTube. There are many bright, open-hearted people who share positive energy through their YouTube videos. As I listened to their positive words and tuned in to their energy, I realized how much better off I would be if I allow myself that joyful energy too.

Not everyone believes in Angels. But from what I can tell so far, Angelic energy is very blissful and joyful. To help my own sense of joy and bliss, I also plan on trying to tune in to Angelic energy each day. I think it will help me keep a bright spirit.

Wishing you lots of self-created opportunities for joy and bliss. I hope your path of healing and releasing sorrow goes well too.

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I think we are “meant” to mirror and embody for each other positive messages. Love and compassion, peacefulness, nurturing.

But often that is not what happens. I remember getting lots of crap messages from many different people as I was growing up. At that age we tend to internalize the messages we receive through the way people treat us.

Today, I am thinking about how much I want to live a joy-filled life. I want to nurture myself with positive thoughts and an aura of love, compassion, and warmth of spirit.

It isn’t always easy. I live in the DC area. With all of the traffic and cramped space, many people just treat you like an obstacle that is in the way. I dream of a delightful place where people mirror nurturing, peace, and compassion to each other, even a general sense of it to people they don’t know well.

I know there are a lot of joyful, compassionate people out there too. So, I’m going to focus on being blissed out and nurturing, and think of the other people who are kind and thoughtful as well.

I have some bad habits. The bad habits are being irritated or angry as a reaction to certain situations. In the past, I observed a lot of negative reactions to situations that actually aren’t that bad if handled in a peaceful way. So, it will take a bit of time to face each negative reaction as it comes up and choose a sense of peacefulness instead.

The good side to this is that it’s already working. I know the peaceful, compassionate, nurturing way that I want to live. Even though I’m not perfect, I am still able to hold that ideal and often meet up with it.

I hear a lot about shining your own bright light. Having an aura of peacefulness and letting that radiate outwards. That is so awesome and cool to me. Maybe sometimes “cool” means being cynical and disinterested. But to me, the cool things in life are being peaceful, accepting of everyone, and nurturing.

If you’re reading this and you are struggling to stay optimistic because you feel like you are the only peaceful and compassionate person, I appreciate you. Everyone who shines with positive energy and a warmth of compassion and peacefulness is doing something important and good. It’s not always easy, but there are so many people out there who appreciate you for it.

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As I’m organizing the projects that are important to me, I am facing many of my personal fears. I realize that I usually don’t speak my mind all the way. Instead, I try to match up my opinion with the opinions of others in order to avoid any type of confrontation.

Obviously, this is not the way to live. So I’m happy that these projects, which are so close to my heart, are allowing me to face these fears. It is gradually going to be time to be visible for who I am. I will be unique. It will be in a quiet way, sharing my ideas with a few people here and there. But it is important to feel that sense of being true to my own ideas.

Thanks for reading… : ) Hope you’re enjoying being your own unique self too.


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Experiences or events from mundane life can serve as a type of insight if you learn something from them. I like to sometimes create new insights from my mundane experiences.

Today I was standing in a long and slow Starbucks line. It was a good time to practice patience.

As I was leaving with my drink, I thought to myself in a cheerful way, “life is silly.” It’s just pretty ridiculous what we spend a lot of our time doing.

I may begin making my own iced coffee this summer. A Starbucks line is a good lesson in patience. But I also want to think about how I really want to spend my time and energy.

I think I’d rather be walking outdoors under the beautiful trees, or camping and hiking. Or reading a delightful book at home.

I feel very fortunate that I have the freedom to decide how I want to spend my time and energy. Silly things like Starbucks lines and drinks are okay, as long as I don’t take them too seriously.

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Deciding to let go of my persona…

I woke up this morning feeling a hollowness or emptiness. I had felt upset and emotional the night before. I woke up feeling fairly lost and bewildered. I didn’t know how to treat myself with my full respect and dignity. I didn’t know how to feel my full sense of worthiness in my own life.

Fortunately, it is slightly warm today, or at least not as freezing. It is about 38 or 39 degrees outside today, and luckily it is also sunny. So I knew I could go for a walk to a nearby lake without freezing too much.

I found the resolution to my predictament naturally on my walk. The fresh air and exercise allowed me to feel revived. As I got to the lake and looked around, admiring nature’s beauty, I saw a new angle to my issue.

I’ve been thinking recently about the social personas that we create as a facade for trying to impress each other. They never work, because we can all see right through them. Yet for some reason, we usually feel that we have to keep up this social persona, that is actually a horrible way of trying to relate to other people. Instead of being open to each experience, sometimes people go into a social mode of trying to create a mask to impress others.

I’ve been through a lot in my 32 years. Mostly traumatic during the ages of 19 through 26 or so. The traumatic moments have mostly left me grasping for something that will enable me to truly live well. I’ve been on my own sort of quest to discover some of the elements of living well, at least for me.

But although I’ve been investigating living well, I was still attempting to keep up this nasty sort of social persona. And I knew I was failing at that, not impressing anyone at all, and so that set up was quite emotionally painful. But I guess at this point, trying to keep up the nasty social persona was a type of habit.

So, on my walk, when I reached the small lake, I realized that it’s time to give up the patchy social persona that no longer serves me. No more attempting to impress some anonymous sense of other people in the social world. I’m pretty happy with this switch. At first I thought giving up the persona would make me feel pretty raw and exposed. But maybe not. I think my own social persona that I’ve been dragging around for years was a lot of obnoxious and pretentious crap. And I’m not trying to be too harsh with myself, I just really think it was pointless to attempt to be an obnoxious and pretentious personality who everyone can clearly see through anyway.

Where I’m writing on my computer, I can spy a blue jay sitting on the branch of the evergreen tree outside my window. One of the first beautiful birds of spring, here to herald in this wonderful new season.

I’m not sure if life’s emotionally painful experiences are always hanging around to teach us something. But in my life, often they are. I’m grateful to life for showing me new ways to live, even when I protest for a long time that I’m not interested in changing anything. Thankfully, life and the energetic universe is much wiser than I am.

Small Lake



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Up until recently I thought that practices about letting go of ego were overrated. But as I detach a bit from my ego, I am seeing the sunshine side to these spiritual practices and observations.

I’m defining ego in this case as the crappy, negative, judgmental part of the thinking mind. And my ego is extremely crappy, with much negative judgmentalness. I am realizing that when I’m happiest, my mind is nice and quiet.

On the sunshine side, I am feeling pretty darn blissed out off and on recently. Sometimes this allows me to merely observe my judgmental thoughts, but not always. My ego still runs the show sometimes during a typical week. But I’m really happy that my perspective on these matters is getting a little clearer.

I’ve been reading a great Goddess book by Ralph Abraham called Chaos Gaia Eros. The author, a contemporary of Terence McKenna, weaves a wonderful spell with his ideas and writing. My imagination was greatly expanded through this book. His ideas are complex and sparkling.

I’ve also been listening to a bit of physicist Fred Alan Wolf. He creates a wonderful & inspiring blend of physics and spirituality. He’s a pretty humorous speaker, which is cool.

I also read a page of Francesca De Grandis. Even with just a page, her wit, wisdom, and warmth of spirit is communicated. I finally expanded my mind and learned about the idea of warmth of spirit through her writing.

With the Goddess spirituality viewpoint and the warmth of spirit, something very interesting about life is exposed. Usually in life, at least in our current mainstream culture, we think of things in black and white terms that create many boundaries. The language we use may make sense culturally, but through all of these created boundaries, we are cut off from the natural bliss of just enjoying the feeling of being alive. If we are stuck in certain worldviews that restrict our natural bliss, that’s the miserable, crappy ego side of things.

With all of these great readings and ideas, I’m really starting to get a sense of weaving the intangible strands of life as if life itself is a dream. The more my perspective expands and changes, which was evident as I was reading Abraham’s book, the more I am awe-inspired by the hope and possibility that fills life. If you are feeling limited in life, most likely it is merely your restricted worldview that you are then projecting outward.

All of these ponderings are adding fuel to my inspired passion for a vivid sense of mythology. And this mythology is vibrant and interactive. It’s great to find my sense of purpose in life through studying these wild, untamed ideas and new expressions of life.

So, it has been an illuminating week of daydreaming and imagining. I’m finding that life is very fun and blissful when I allow a sense of misty unknowingness. I’m very much in the midst of my spiritual path, however, there are many worthwhile vistas along the way.

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Inspiring Moments! Make me smile…

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This evening I was admiring the inspiring photos & pictures & quotes on Pinterest. I accepted something important about myself as I was thinking about things. This acceptance of a key part of myself led to a huge epiphany about my spiritual perspective on life. A few puzzles pieces started to fit better in my mind.

Our mythology is such a huge part of who we are, perhaps more literally sometimes than we think.

I guess I got a better view of how interconnected we are with the Universe and with each other. The theory of that became a bit more clear for me.

I feel very fortunate that I get the opportunity to enjoy & express being exactly who I am.

As we know… Life is beautiful. And life is magical too.

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I just had an epiphany. With all of the changes & growing that a person goes through each day, we are kind of re-born all of the time. I just get this feeling that everything in my life can be brand new & refreshing at any point. The only ingredient necessary for this growth process is being open to continually adapting to the fresh changes that are happening all of the time.

I got a rather harsh perspective on myself earlier today. I saw a bit of the obnoxious side to me that I usually keep on my blind side. But it wasn’t something to realize in a negative way. It was just like… Well, okay. Now I know, and now I want to move on in a fresh way. I set the intention to be more compassionate toward people, because we all have those harsh things to face in life sometimes.

I feel very fortunate to live the life that I live. Now, I want to use my good fortune as a grand opportunity to enjoy moving forward with all of the projects that are close to my heart.

I hope my personal insights are at least somewhat universal too. I wish everyone out there in internet land all the best. : )

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I am getting ready to launch my life coaching business. An important element of my life coaching will be spiritual path coaching. My main theme that I have created for assisting those on a personal spiritual path is my idea of Spiritual Freedom. I am in the process of writing an ebook about my concepts surrounding Spiritual Freedom. I learned recently that Spiritual Freedom may share some aspects with Chaos Magic. But overall, I think I’m creating something new.

Along with spiritual path coaching, I am going to be creating some dynamic e-courses. The e-courses will be a type of structure that complements spiritual path coaching well. The interesting thing about all of this is that I am a fellow spiritual path traveler. I create a space of acceptance for the coaching client. The authority stays with the coaching clients at all times. I may help with some supporting ideas, but the client leads the way. This is because the most important thing to me with coaching is… Empowerment! My job is to empower people to keep empowering themselves. This is my passion in life in terms of wanting to assist others when I can.

I will be starting to use my YouTube channel a lot more soon. This of course makes me nervous. But I think YouTube is an important way of getting ideas out there. Also, I always like getting to know someone’s main ideas through ebooks and YouTube whenever I come across a new author or spiritual guide. So I am hoping to do the same thing.

I am going to visualize a “cosmic invitation” to the Universe once I am ready to fully launch my small business of life coaching. This means I will put out the vibration that I am available to start spiritual path coaching for those people who are interested. In theory, this will help some people wander over my way for coaching. It will be interesting to see what happens.

The only way I am able to have the confidence to do all of this is to keep thinking about standing in my own power and standing in my own truth.

I also write songs, so eventually some positive vibe songs will be making their way onto the YouTube channel as well.

I really admire the ideas behind Free Will Astrology and the book Pronoia. These ideas have inspired me to develop my own concept of Tarot and Oracle card readings. I love Tarot cards and Oracle cards. But I do not see it as divination. I see it as inspiration and reflection. Of course, this process of being inspired and reflecting on the cards will end up affecting your life path in some small ways. So in that sense, there is something real and important going on there. But from my perspective, not divination, at least the way that I work with the Tarot and Oracle cards.

An additional aspect of my life coaching and this blog will be spiritual books. I am going to start blogging about what I’m reading. In this way you get to see what some of my influences are in case they may be similar to yours.

Well, my toes are cold. It is time to stop writing and go to find some socks. Namaste! Wishing you many epiphanies and much spiritual freedom… : )

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