the fair

So every year the Clark County Fair and Rodeo comes to Logandale and all us small town folk get to enjoy something new. Mostly all the locals go just for the food, and to see everyone. It literally is like a class reunion every year for us. It is fun and we enjoy sharing it with Lucy and Abby. Lucy actually rode the ponies this year, (no screaming!) and also enjoyed the carnival rides. It was great. We enjoyed being with family and friends and hanging out. We missed my parents because Thursday is always grandparent day and they take all the kids to the rides, but next year everyone will be healthy.

Abby at the fair, she is so beautifully chunky, and so beautifully bald!

The Siberian tigers were definitely the highlight of the fair. They were new this year and were crazy! They were huge and loud and would fight with each other and I was very, very scared. Lucy was thrilled!

The swifty swine pig races... have to see it to believe it!

The choo choo train, Lucy wanted to know where the "driver" was for the rest of the weekend.

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