packin' for provo

the process of packing has begun, and lucy has no idea what to think about it. every morning I hear the question "are we going to provo today?" and I tell her just a few more (weeks, days). she loves to help and has decorated almost every packing box with her pictures of "peoples'. most of our items are going to DI and a fundraiser yard sale, and it feels nice to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy our stuff. lucy found one such bag and saw a blue and white checkered item on the bottom, she screamed "not my dorothy dress!" "aaaagghhhhh!" and the crying began; I pulled out ty's old shirt and showed her that I would never (i am not crazy!) give away her dorothy dress. oh my, how will I ever keep up with these girls?


carrot cake

tonight we are having some friends over for family home evening so I decided to whip up a homemade carrot cake. Lucy loves to watch and commentate throughout the entire process. When she finally saw me scooping the batter into the cake pan she noticed that it was yellow and orange, not the usual white or chocolate. she yelled at me, "that looks like abby's poop!". the description was right on.


a few of my favorites

So I loved seeing steph's strawberry picture again, and thought I'd share some of my favorite photos of us growing up.

I love this of me and sarah, just chillin' in my retro carseat (looks like abby huh?)ty and grandma leavitt
this is my favorite of ty when he was little. his mom says he was the happiest baby ever.

smurfland- I don't remember where we were, but some theme-park had smurfland houses that were just my size. we were leaving and I begged my mom to go see them, she finally took me all by myself and I was elated.

ok billy, this one is in here for you! for all of you that don't know or haven't seen this picture, I had to wear headgear to correct my underbite in 2nd grade. I guess it was a prototype, but I was given the option of wearing this 24 hours a day for 18 months or having surgery at 16- what was I thinking? It is a family favorite picture and topic to joke about, and in reality, I don't ever remember being made fun of; maybe I blocked it out.

my sisters sarah, danna and me (it's horrible looking, I know)

tyson after a baseball game our senior year of high school 2000.
ty loves baseball, I think it is his passion. this picture really captures the joy he has when he plays it or even watches it. he loved his teammates and still enjoys talking about past games and home runs and errors and bus trips; and how they almost could have taken state two years in a row. (Don't tell him I said that!)



I remember when we first we allowed to dress her in clothes at the NICU, she seemed like a real baby then. We pulled her little limbs through the holes of the preemie outfit, and it was gigantic on her! She was swimming in fabric, and now she is bursting at the seems of her 0-3 months outfits. What a blessing.curtis baby, through and through. she drools 24 hours a day.

my little angel, so sweet.

no this picture is not digitally altered

I debated about putting this picture in, and just couldn't resist. It seems as though she has eaten an entire tub of cottage cheese and it ended up, well, behind her. you gotta love it.



So I just realized that I have been “tagged”? I have not been on my computer lately and here is my response. Becky I’m guessing it’s just free reign, so here it goes!
ABC”s about me. Ok, I hate doing this but I love to read everyone else's. Enjoy?

a- always a procrastinator, I know, I’m trying to overcome this.
b- bouquet, someday I will always have a fresh bouquet of flowers in my home
c- Canned peaches, I haven’t had homemade ones in soo long and they are soo good.
d- Dogs, lucy loves them and wants one so badly, someday…someday.
e- Elephants have a good memory, I have a terrible one
f- flylady.net- has saved me from living in constant CHAOS!
g- Grapefruit-I am way into grapefruit (with no sugar) and now lucy is too.
h- Hugs- I don’t know but I’m weird about giving hugs- I’ll take em, but I don’t give em.
i- I always talk about myself, and I’m trying to get better at just listening
j- Just kidding- I hate that phrase, because even if someone says it they probably still meant what they said.
k- Kanine crunchies- the dogfood from 101 Dalmations, do they really make it?
l- Laugh-I have a very distinctive laugh, part cackle, part hyena, part evil witch from Sleeping Beauty- just call me Maleficent.
m- Making cookies- I love to cook, especially cookies.
n- Naptime is essential- I don’t know what I’d do if my children didn’t nap EVERYDAY- for any of you moms out there- Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is the best book EVER!
o- “oh my gosh” . Lucy has been saying that all the time now and it is hilarious
p- potty training- lucy was potty trained, and now diapers are her best friend, can you say regression?
q- Quote- “If one really loves another, one would rather die for that person that to injure him” Spencer W. Kimball
r- Reading- I love it, wish I had more time and brain power for it.
s- Stroller- I love my BOB double stroller, we use it every single day.
t- The Yellow Wallpaper, I've been thinking about that book a lot now that I have another newborn, luckily I'm not close to crawling on all fours yet, but I did call Lucy by saying "come here kitty" the other day... uh oh.
u- Unknown fact about me- I don’t cry that much at all, except when I’m pregnant; then I’m close to a normal girl’s crying quota.
v- Vegetables, we all love them here at our house- our favorite lately is lima beans! Is that a legume? Woops!
w- Wedding Day, the best day of my life-besides the days my children were born.

x- Xtreme sports I will not do: skydiving, bungee jumping, no thank you!
y- Yellow, lucy still has a hard time saying it. She has a Hello Kitty color book and she says “Hello Lello!” I love it!
z- Zoo-animal I love- elephants, tigers, lions, giraffe, hippopotamus, penguins and monkeys (I think I really like the zoo)

I guess I will tag Steph and Renee. I'd love to read them! :)

april showers bring may flowers

aunt tara took these awesome pictures for us! Thanks aunt tara!

lucy loves these flowers at grandma's house

sitting in the sun

abby and Grandma Leavitt enjoying Nevada. abby's bonnet is a little big!

abby in all her chubbiness
notice her "towel" diaper, for the first time since I have been a mother, I forgot the diaper bag on a trip. luckily ty's grandparents had some extra dish towels in their car! I am so grateful for Huggies, what did my ancestors do without them?


goodbye ol' blue

So we finally decided to sell Ty's GMC Z71; and it was a sad day. Ty was really happy that he sold it to his cousin Vance, and it is still "in the family" I guess. We've had so many memories and fun trips in this truck, it seems like it's almost the end of the beginning of our marriage. It was our first car together, we brought Lucy home from the hospital in it! So does this mean that after four years and two kids we aren't "newylyweds" anymore? I guess that's a question for the ages.

One last goodbye, I know, it's cheesy.

Don't worry, I didn't forget to put pictures in of the girls for you all!
Here's Abby enjoying the most amazing invention of the century, the cradle swing.

Lucy and Abby hanging out on "mommy's" bed. Lucy looks like a little girl in this picture, not a toddler anymore. She's wearing Ty's favorite 'Ortiz' Red Sox jersey.

Who doesn't love Aunt Danna?
The girls both were so excited to get a visit from their favorite Aunt Danna. Abby just squealed and squealed and Lucy did NOT want her to leave. She said, "After my nap, we'll go see Aunt Danna and Pee-Jee (DJ)" Too bad they live in California, but Ty and I hopefully will get a trip down there before we move.
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