packin' for provo

the process of packing has begun, and lucy has no idea what to think about it. every morning I hear the question "are we going to provo today?" and I tell her just a few more (weeks, days). she loves to help and has decorated almost every packing box with her pictures of "peoples'. most of our items are going to DI and a fundraiser yard sale, and it feels nice to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy our stuff. lucy found one such bag and saw a blue and white checkered item on the bottom, she screamed "not my dorothy dress!" "aaaagghhhhh!" and the crying began; I pulled out ty's old shirt and showed her that I would never (i am not crazy!) give away her dorothy dress. oh my, how will I ever keep up with these girls?


The Richards in Canada said...

Hey, Back to Provo Eh! Can't wait to see you guys there sometime soon!

Becky J. said...

Annie, she is so adorable! I love the Dorothy dress and she even has the ruby slippers to boot? Wow! She's just a little Annie, it's so darling! I can't tell you how excited I am that you'll be back in Provo soon! It'll be so fun to see you! Drop me a line when you're here and life's settled down a bit. Good luck with the move!

Stephanie and Paul said...

hey, the link you sent for the slow momma blog didn't work, just so you know. and i love the pic of lucy as dorothy! just too cute.

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