So I just realized that I have been “tagged”? I have not been on my computer lately and here is my response. Becky I’m guessing it’s just free reign, so here it goes!
ABC”s about me. Ok, I hate doing this but I love to read everyone else's. Enjoy?

a- always a procrastinator, I know, I’m trying to overcome this.
b- bouquet, someday I will always have a fresh bouquet of flowers in my home
c- Canned peaches, I haven’t had homemade ones in soo long and they are soo good.
d- Dogs, lucy loves them and wants one so badly, someday…someday.
e- Elephants have a good memory, I have a terrible one
f- has saved me from living in constant CHAOS!
g- Grapefruit-I am way into grapefruit (with no sugar) and now lucy is too.
h- Hugs- I don’t know but I’m weird about giving hugs- I’ll take em, but I don’t give em.
i- I always talk about myself, and I’m trying to get better at just listening
j- Just kidding- I hate that phrase, because even if someone says it they probably still meant what they said.
k- Kanine crunchies- the dogfood from 101 Dalmations, do they really make it?
l- Laugh-I have a very distinctive laugh, part cackle, part hyena, part evil witch from Sleeping Beauty- just call me Maleficent.
m- Making cookies- I love to cook, especially cookies.
n- Naptime is essential- I don’t know what I’d do if my children didn’t nap EVERYDAY- for any of you moms out there- Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is the best book EVER!
o- “oh my gosh” . Lucy has been saying that all the time now and it is hilarious
p- potty training- lucy was potty trained, and now diapers are her best friend, can you say regression?
q- Quote- “If one really loves another, one would rather die for that person that to injure him” Spencer W. Kimball
r- Reading- I love it, wish I had more time and brain power for it.
s- Stroller- I love my BOB double stroller, we use it every single day.
t- The Yellow Wallpaper, I've been thinking about that book a lot now that I have another newborn, luckily I'm not close to crawling on all fours yet, but I did call Lucy by saying "come here kitty" the other day... uh oh.
u- Unknown fact about me- I don’t cry that much at all, except when I’m pregnant; then I’m close to a normal girl’s crying quota.
v- Vegetables, we all love them here at our house- our favorite lately is lima beans! Is that a legume? Woops!
w- Wedding Day, the best day of my life-besides the days my children were born.

x- Xtreme sports I will not do: skydiving, bungee jumping, no thank you!
y- Yellow, lucy still has a hard time saying it. She has a Hello Kitty color book and she says “Hello Lello!” I love it!
z- Zoo-animal I love- elephants, tigers, lions, giraffe, hippopotamus, penguins and monkeys (I think I really like the zoo)

I guess I will tag Steph and Renee. I'd love to read them! :)

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