fire on the mountain

these past few days we have been watching some local fires around the provo area being 'put out'. i almost drove off the road coming home from costco, pointing to the plane and explaining to lucy why they dump stuff that looks like 'a bloody noise" as she describes it. it really is a crazy force of nature that i don't ever wish to encounter. i am so grateful to all those brave pilots and firefighters for doing that.

still getting used to traffic and crazy student drivers. i drove through some road construction behind a poor little old lady who couldn't navigate between the cones and hit the dirt a few times. somehow i knew i should be merciful because that will be me someday. and then some punk girl in huge 'bug glasses' (as ty says) cut me off just to turn about 15 feet later. ugh, i was so mad i honked. i haven't honked at anyone in almost three years.

and skinny jeans, uh hello! not until i moved to provo that some sad creatures are actually following that fad. i guess that's the definition of a fashion slave; even if it looks HORRIBLE on you and makes you look like and inverted triangle, you still are going to wear it, solely because so does some rock star. oh, how sad. (except i must admit, some legging and skirt combos are kind of cute, and remind me of second grade). somewhere there is a secret society of fashion people laughing their heads off because people are buying these things. and here's a hint, thousands of ankle jeans are in DI's and Savers, don't buy from the mall. remember, they were in about 20 years ago.

on a lighter note, i attented an enrichment group called gardening 101. i learned a lot about soil preparation. i found out in addition that i pulled out three peony plants on the side of my house that i thought were weeds. how sad, i too am a murderer. but i have learned, and am so excited to start my little veggie garden. right now we just will get the soil ready and start a small little compost pile, but come spring, lookout!


first day

today was ty's first day of summer session. it was so cute to see him walk out the door with his backpack, i almost wrote him a not on his napkin just like mom used too. lucy and abby and i walked with him to his afternoon class and watched him get his ID card in the wilk and ate a small sandwich in the courtyard. lucy enjoyed watching a ballroom dance class in the ballroom, and all the books and toys at the bookstore. she really wanted this paper doll book, and it was so sad for ty and i to tell her "no" maybe next time. she is having a hard time with the whole budget thing too!

strangely enough, byu still feels the same as it did seven years ago. sure the jeans are worn lower and the brands are different and EVERYONE is talking on a cell phone, but you still have your science majors, arts majors, MRS. majors :), teaching majors, i'm from california majors, pre-RM's, pre-i don't ever want to graduates, and RM's. (i'm sure there are many more classes, but those are just the ones i always notice).

it is weird to walk through past my classes with my two daughters. past pieces of grass where i wrote ty letters, and talked on the phone with my mom, and met roommates for lunch, and free candy samples from carrie in the bookstore. and thought i would never graduate, never get married and never have kids.

hopefully all will go well this week. we still miss home, but are not missing the hot weather down there. we went to the family ward and loved it. lucy met 2 other girls her same age (to the week to be exact) in nursery and a family brought us over cookies. our whole neighborhood is in the ward and i think that is what makes the difference. if our neighbors were all in the student ward, that is where we would go. alas, i think we are provo peaks 2nd ward members for the next few years. i also met a lot of new moms and moms with multiple kids that live almost next door. hooray! i am so spoiled, i think of my friends and family who are not in happy valley and it takes years to feel settled in a sense of belonging. provo feels like an old glove to me, but not a permanent one.


i am an austen girl

thanks to jandee- i found out what austen heroines i am closest too- i was surprised, but still happy with the results.

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

I am Anne Elliot!

Take the Quiz here!


moved in

we have moved and i am sitting on our carpeted floor typing on our computer. we just paid for a wireless modem and found out our computer isn't set up for that, thus another purchase is on it's way. how we will pay i have no idea. the well has run dry and our loans haven't kicked in yet. lucy broke our camera (hence no pictures) and our transmission started clunking. when it rains it pours i guess.

on a brighter side, the weather here in utah is delicious. we have been spending most of our afternoons basking under our huge walnut tree just playing in the grass and watching cars go by. us country folk are quite fascinated with city life. i seriously do feel like the country mouse here. lucy is enjoying our 'sprinklers' because that's how we "watergate" here (she means irrigate; what we used to do in Nevada). every time a neighbors sprinklers come on she says, 'look, they're watergating!" speaking of neighbors, we have some really nice ones. a small family of four lives right next door. they have a little 4 year old named Ely. lucy calls him 'lelon'. we also have a retired byu history professor, george, a widower, on our other side of the house and he is so cute! he talks to lucy over the fence and we are bound to bring him some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

we don't know whether to attend the student ward (we were one of the oldest couples there) or the family ward (all of our neighbors are in it). lucy has also learned how to open doors since we moved and unlock the front door. two days after moving in ty and i can hear this little girl talking outside our window. i finally realized that it was lucy! outside in her pj's talking to the flowers. hilarious, but scary at the same time. good thing the time-out chair came with us right?

well, we'll see how we survive this move. i really miss our little town and having family nearby. we miss everyone so much. sniff sniff.
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