first day

today was ty's first day of summer session. it was so cute to see him walk out the door with his backpack, i almost wrote him a not on his napkin just like mom used too. lucy and abby and i walked with him to his afternoon class and watched him get his ID card in the wilk and ate a small sandwich in the courtyard. lucy enjoyed watching a ballroom dance class in the ballroom, and all the books and toys at the bookstore. she really wanted this paper doll book, and it was so sad for ty and i to tell her "no" maybe next time. she is having a hard time with the whole budget thing too!

strangely enough, byu still feels the same as it did seven years ago. sure the jeans are worn lower and the brands are different and EVERYONE is talking on a cell phone, but you still have your science majors, arts majors, MRS. majors :), teaching majors, i'm from california majors, pre-RM's, pre-i don't ever want to graduates, and RM's. (i'm sure there are many more classes, but those are just the ones i always notice).

it is weird to walk through past my classes with my two daughters. past pieces of grass where i wrote ty letters, and talked on the phone with my mom, and met roommates for lunch, and free candy samples from carrie in the bookstore. and thought i would never graduate, never get married and never have kids.

hopefully all will go well this week. we still miss home, but are not missing the hot weather down there. we went to the family ward and loved it. lucy met 2 other girls her same age (to the week to be exact) in nursery and a family brought us over cookies. our whole neighborhood is in the ward and i think that is what makes the difference. if our neighbors were all in the student ward, that is where we would go. alas, i think we are provo peaks 2nd ward members for the next few years. i also met a lot of new moms and moms with multiple kids that live almost next door. hooray! i am so spoiled, i think of my friends and family who are not in happy valley and it takes years to feel settled in a sense of belonging. provo feels like an old glove to me, but not a permanent one.

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The Richards in Canada said...

ahhh the memories...I remember Sams first day back at the Y, Nali was about 5 monhts old. I didn't have a phone so I went up to Campus just for something to do.I was EXTREMELY lonely. It happened to be Womens Conference. The first person I saw in the bookstore was the YW's President from the ward I had just moved from...what a HUGE answer to prayers...I'm sure that I'm not the first person to cry in the bookstore...but I am one of them!! miss you!

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