moved in

we have moved and i am sitting on our carpeted floor typing on our computer. we just paid for a wireless modem and found out our computer isn't set up for that, thus another purchase is on it's way. how we will pay i have no idea. the well has run dry and our loans haven't kicked in yet. lucy broke our camera (hence no pictures) and our transmission started clunking. when it rains it pours i guess.

on a brighter side, the weather here in utah is delicious. we have been spending most of our afternoons basking under our huge walnut tree just playing in the grass and watching cars go by. us country folk are quite fascinated with city life. i seriously do feel like the country mouse here. lucy is enjoying our 'sprinklers' because that's how we "watergate" here (she means irrigate; what we used to do in Nevada). every time a neighbors sprinklers come on she says, 'look, they're watergating!" speaking of neighbors, we have some really nice ones. a small family of four lives right next door. they have a little 4 year old named Ely. lucy calls him 'lelon'. we also have a retired byu history professor, george, a widower, on our other side of the house and he is so cute! he talks to lucy over the fence and we are bound to bring him some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

we don't know whether to attend the student ward (we were one of the oldest couples there) or the family ward (all of our neighbors are in it). lucy has also learned how to open doors since we moved and unlock the front door. two days after moving in ty and i can hear this little girl talking outside our window. i finally realized that it was lucy! outside in her pj's talking to the flowers. hilarious, but scary at the same time. good thing the time-out chair came with us right?

well, we'll see how we survive this move. i really miss our little town and having family nearby. we miss everyone so much. sniff sniff.


Becky J. said...

We'll be your new "family" here in Utah! I know it's hard to leave the real fam, but I hope that you'll love it here. We can't wait to get together with y'all and we'll have to do it soon! Oh, and not that you need my unsolicited advice, but I'll give it to you anyway. I would definitely go to the family ward (especially if that's where all your neighbors are!) We had the same debate when we moved back to Provo, but we're so glad that we're in the family ward. We feel like we're making a difference there (unlike a student ward where there are 5 people for every calling) and most of our neighbors are in our ward, so it's been good for us. That's my 2 cents, take it or leave it. We wish you were in our ward! Anyway, let's get together soon!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Annie! So fun you and Ty are finally here. We need to get together and have a BBQ with Becky & joseph and you guys... sooner the better, I can't wait to see your little ones. Jordan is on a scuba trip to Catalina this week, but would next weekend work for you perhaps?

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