pioneer day

stuart falls hike up by sundance, utah. so beautiful. weird, we did this hike a few weeks after we were married (remember steph?), and now, well look at us!

i love that lucy doesn't mind getting into the water and mud and getting dirty. she will always be able to enjoy life, i have no doubts about that.


lucy found another catipillar and all of them are named "slimey" from sesame street.

abby is over 6 months old!

lucy was as happy as can be. she even says she likes hiking better than watching movies. whoah

we went with ty's brother trent and wife tara (the photographer!)

we stayed at the bottom of the falls for a long time, just enjoying everything. i love this picture of ty and abby.


hogwarts, a history

so it has come to an end. my harry potter days are over. the first time i read HP was listening on tape in the jetta on the way to my lifeguarding job before college. ah, and here we are 7 years later and it's done. i just shut the last page of the last book. i will not give away anything that has happened. but i am excited to watch my own children devour them one by one and being able to talk about them together; and admit that i have cried numerous times in almost every book. and hope that these books will put into them a lifelong desire to read great novels.


more fourth pictures

thanks again, to the amazing aunt tara, we have some beautiful shots of our independence day.

'stadium of fire' fireworks from our rooftop


fourth of july

we ended up staying in provo for the fourth and missed out on shakespeare in cedar. but it ended up being a nice time in the end. the parade was a blast for lucy because she saw the 'wizard of oz' float twice and liked all of the princesses. i decided to run the freedom 10k on a whim, (oh boy) and it was fun. we watched the fireworks from our rooftop and enjoyed that also. we thought we were such cool parents because we woke up lucy and took her on top of the house, she sat there for 2 minutes and said "i want to go back to bed." that was it, no fireworks could keep her away from her nice, soft and cozy bed. what a girl!

a float went by with the twin towers on it and a firefighter and army officer, and it did bring a little tear to my eye. i am so grateful for this country and the freedom that i take for granted everyday.



i would be ungrateful to not note some of the blessings we have experienced this week.

firstly, we had a great friend from home who tutored ty for three hours for his first math test in 7 years. ty did really well on it because of that.
secondly, lucy broke our camera the third day we were here. i was so sad, there was no way we could buy another digital one anytime soon and i was missing so many precious memories. yesterday she came to me with the camera asking for her picture. i was upset and told her it didn't work and to put it away. i turned it on just for good measure, and it is fixed. what a blessing. sometimes my prayers are answered quickly, and i am grateful for that and hope i can help someone else out in return.

here are some pictures from before and right after our move:

lucy's face right after she 'fixed' our camera
the bald and beautiful abby in her crib

abby's nursery, the cleanest room in the house

abby in tummy time pre-move

lucy's last meal at home in NV

diva girl and her kitten
we were getting ready to swim at grandma's and lucy came out like this! she is too funny.

grandma curtis and abby

lucy at kiwanis park ( one block from our house)
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