the arrival

and it begins...the ebb of new students driving into town in the middle of the night. their honda civics packed with rubbermaids and linens stuffed to maximum capacity. new freshmen, that look like they are seriously 14 years old, and their cute parents taking tours; trying to learn about the 'pallet zone' , navigating their way through crowds at the cougareat and jamming up into lines to get their starving student cards.

gone are the days of empty sidewalks and vacant testing centers, a trickle of traffic and only 5 minute waits at the creamery. now, we are stuck here for the long haul of fall semester; thank goodness for the holidays. i can't wait to break out the halloween decor.


gene pool

ah, finals week is over and we finally emerged from our house and headed down to logandale, NV for 9 days of rest, relaxation and free groceries! (there are some perks to being students) we loved visiting with grandparents and staying at my parents house.

i don't have any new pictures yet, but people are always asking if abby looks like lucy did. here are some comparison's, you be the judge.

lucy 7 months

abby 7 months
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