gene pool

ah, finals week is over and we finally emerged from our house and headed down to logandale, NV for 9 days of rest, relaxation and free groceries! (there are some perks to being students) we loved visiting with grandparents and staying at my parents house.

i don't have any new pictures yet, but people are always asking if abby looks like lucy did. here are some comparison's, you be the judge.

lucy 7 months

abby 7 months


Melanie said...

Love to see the comparison. Both are cute little girls!

Stephanie and Paul said...

my opinion is they look a little different, a lot the same. and they both like orange food, too!

Annie Leavitt said...

yes, we are already doing the food rainbow. we always start with orange vegetables, then green, then fruit. just like with lucy.

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