today we finally took the girls to the Hogle Zoo.
we were watching the gorillas and having a grand time.
then one puked...into its hand... and ate it.


my daddy can fly

yes, this is tyson flying on his four-wheeler. among his many hobbies and talents, this one strikes fear into my heart the fastest. he is very good, and safe; but it is the machine i don't trust. luckily, over the years and through the demands of children he doesn't go out as much. long ago, before the dinosaurs roamed the earth, we used to go riding together. one of our favorite activities. we even designed my wedding ring so I wouldn't have to take it off for wearing gloves (i never take off my wedding ring). and over the years, between pregnancies and nursing and time, i have dropped out of the picture. this is now ty's 'man time' with his friends and brothers. but luckily,he only gets out about once a month. thank goodness. but until then, i sleep soundly at night knowing that we have an excellent life insurance policy.



lucy, well where do i start. anyone that meets her thinks she's probably 3 or 4 years old. not two, though her birthday is around the corner. at her two-year check up the doctor asked if she knew at least 100-200 words. i bit my lip to keep from laughing. lucy talks...a lot. she loves learning about things; and finally she is entertaining herself in the car.

recently she asked us about 'stoplights'. how do they work? what are they for? what are the colors for? she picked it up pretty quickly and will warn us about 200 feet ahead. 'it's green, you can go mommy!" "It's yellow, slow doooowwn!" "Stop mom STOP! it's red!".

well, (I am already laughing writing this) the other day ty was driving us somewhere around town and the light turned yellow and well, how do i put this, he ran a red light. (if you don't live in utah, this is more normal than stopping at a red light). all of a sudden in the back seat, lucy is screaming "Dad! That was RED!...you didn't stop" She was appalled that her daddy didn't stop. it was hilarious. ty and i laughed all the way home. we have our own little backseat driver already. (if any of you have driven with me, this shouldn't shock you)

and another funny lucy story: (really, there are so many, where do i start?) yesterday ty and i were actively discussing some financial matters in our family while the girls were playing in the living room. lucy peeked around the corner and asked, 'are you guys fighting?' we just stood there, embarrassed that she is old enough to catch on to the mood of things. and then politely, she turned and walked away while saying, 'i think you need to stop, ok?' what a little know-it-all. :)


our life here

the duck pond (aka botany pond)
lucy loves this place-and loves to feed the ducks whatever we have on hand: cheerios, crackers, bread, goldfish. and the best part is there are about 7 turtles here too, so cute.

our happy abby baby.
she has said "dada" and "Baba" and can sit up all on her own now.

on the "Y"
lucy loved it, loved it, loved it. abby just hung out in her carrier, not one little peep did i hear.

absence makes the heart grow fonder
lucy talking on the phone with grandma leavitt. she still is confused aboutdistances and always wants to go see 'grandma with taryn' and play at my mom's house.


first day of school

Ty: "where is the TNRB?"

Me: "that's the tanner building, you know right across the street from the math building"

Ty: "you mean across the sidewalk?"

Me: "no across the street at the light- you know, the big building they hang the Y banner on?"

Ty: "no, there's only a hill and the RB across from the talmage... just drive me there."

Me "fine..I'll drive you."

meanwhile in the car...

Lucy: "mommy, were are we going?"

Me: "to drop daddy off at school"

Abby: "spbbbfffbbbblpppp"

Lucy "Are we going to the duck pond?"

Me: "no, just at school"

Lucy: "to eat?"

Me: "no, just daddy's school honey"

Lucy: "can i get another piece of bread and butter at the 'eat'?"
(one small loaf of bread and butter is 75 cents at the cougareat (cafeteria) )

Me: "no, we just ate lunch, remember? chicken dinosaurs and zucchini?"

Lucy: "oh, yeah, but i still want bread."

Me: "maybe next time"

I just thought it was funny- taking ty to school the first day back. lucy loves to go on to campus- but just to eat or play, not to pick up or drop off daddy. She also said in the car..."what are all these people doing?" There were a ton of people on campus.

in three months we have seen two full rainbows just like this one over our house.

the tanner building atrium- ah.. many a bagel was bought there my freshman year, and maybe a few (probably dozens :) of snickers bars?

the tanner building at sunset
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