our life here

the duck pond (aka botany pond)
lucy loves this place-and loves to feed the ducks whatever we have on hand: cheerios, crackers, bread, goldfish. and the best part is there are about 7 turtles here too, so cute.

our happy abby baby.
she has said "dada" and "Baba" and can sit up all on her own now.

on the "Y"
lucy loved it, loved it, loved it. abby just hung out in her carrier, not one little peep did i hear.

absence makes the heart grow fonder
lucy talking on the phone with grandma leavitt. she still is confused aboutdistances and always wants to go see 'grandma with taryn' and play at my mom's house.


Melanie said...

Loved the new pictures of the girls. I can't believe how big they are both getting. To think that little baby Lucy is almost 3! Abby is a cute chunk too! I love it! (Especially liked those pink cowgirl boots on Lucy!)

Jordan and Jandee said...

these pictures of Lucy are darling!! Those pink cowgirl boots are the best -- I can tell you have fun dressing those two cute little girls.

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