i still want

so we just upgraded our phones again. i swear, the two years always flies by. and instead of getting the two for deals that we always get...i want this. but of course, we got two new phones for 19.99. not too shabby.

but the blackberry is really cute, and i could text so easy (i barely even text anyways). i just want to be hip, is that too much to ask?


i want

so christmas this year is going to be very different than last year. no money + school tuition + rent+2 kids=small christmas. but our kids are young enough it doesn't matter, and lucy is still learning the difference between 'wants' and 'needs', aren't we all though?

but my list of wants, when i dare think about it, is so long it's embarassing. my needs, really are simple. i need food, water, shelter, family and my faith, and i have all that. what about you? if you are reading this, you have a home, a computer and internet access (which means you have shelter and food also, if not you seriously need to prioritize) and a list of wants also.

i have no idea where i'm going with the post, so i'll stop, but just a little morsel for you to chew on.


random pics

  • while at my mom's house i've decided to dig out photo's from her computer- pictures that i don't have on mine.
  • my gingerbread house 2006. not my most favorite, but the only one i have! we do them every year, from scratch of course.
  • last year lucy 'helped' my mom decorate her tree. we loved how all of the ornaments made it to a 1ft section of the tree.
  • thanksgiving 2005...luke and lucy.
  • 5 minute old abigail


turkey day

so we are off...eventually, to my parents' home for thanksgiving. we hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends and free of accidents or illnesses. i am excited to see my cousin joe and jesse and their son henry and just enjoy being a family.

best wishes for all of your families,
the leavitts


vomit again

if we could get through one month without one of my kids barfing, i would be a happy woman.


smart girl

we've been reading this book a lot since my mom let us borrow it this summer. a great book for kids but over the last couple of weeks lucy has been saying 'maybe if my clothes and toys burn up, we can get new ones!' i couldn't figure out where she would get something like this from, and then i realized that in this book the little girls' apartment burns up and they save for a new chair. ty and i laughed when we realized she thinks it would be fun to have everything burn, because that means brand new things!



i'm it. now relax and enjoy the next 7 random? facts about me. i promise to try and find some random things a majority of you don't know.

1.i wore headgear for 18 months in second grade. here is a beautiful picture for you to take in. that's right, 24 hours a day, for a year and a half. talk about a character builder.
you can click on the photo for a full view.

2. i've always wanted to be a nurse,always. but didn't want to work that hard to get in to the program at BYU...i'm so stupid.

3. i thought i would have all sons.

4. my brother bill, sister sarah and i played in an adult soccer league in overton, nevada 2 years ago. it ended up being our 'old' team and 3 teams of high school players. but guess, what? we totally schooled them all and won the tournament in sudden death.

5. i have a very short attention span and i'm trying to work on that. if i'm talking to you and after awhile just nodding and smiling there is a good chance that i totally have no clue what you are saying because i'm thinking about what i forgot at the grocery store.

6. i like to skeet shoot, and i'm not that bad either.

7. i have a lot of faults: i haven't been good at keeping up with friends. i never applied myself in college, i eat lots and lots of peanut m&m's, and ever since lucy was born i have woken up early by myself (that means not waiting until lucy pokes me in the eyeball and tells me she's hungry) maybe 6 times in 3 years.

there you go, sorry you had to sit through it. but i'm excited to read 7 random things about Tara Sandoval, Carrie, Becky, jandee, jessie (you can email me!), renee and charlotte.

oh, i just realized i got tagged again by becky. so 5 classes that would improve me:
1. business 101
2. floral arranging 101
3. old testament
4. photography 100
5. singing class (because i am horrible)


secret wish

this morning lucy and abby were playing in the hallway, when i looked in on them lucy had a 'wand' and while waving it over abby she chanted "dissapear!" "dissapear!" um...should i be worried?


just so you know

i recently was thinking of how i get sucked into the 'blog' world of people's lives: perfect pictures, perfect grammar, perfect families. and i just wanted you all to know, these pictures and posts from our blog are a glimpse at our 'fake' life.

let me explain, you know the house you see when you come over, clean floors, clean couch, no dishes in sink; that my friends, is my fake house. There is usually squished bananas on the floor, toys scattered from heck to breakfast and me chasing someone around with a diaper or shirt. and always saying "i don't know", "hold on", "not right now!" but i only show you my wonderful kids' pictures and cute fragments of our lives, edited of course.

but that's the dignity of humanity isn't it? our fake voice and wonderful pictures and manners towards guests; thank goodness for that , or you'd all see what i am really like. i have good days and bad days. some days i'm on the ball and others i'm a little off center, but i'm ok with that, and i'm constantly trying to improve. as for now, i am avoiding house work venting on my blog. which isn't a first....but just so you know, my real life is less perfect than my little blog portrays.



happy halloween! for all of you wanting to know, we finally had a barf-free holiday (well, almost). lucy did cry so much that she dry-heaved on the sidewalk after getting scared half to death. but other than that, it was a great night. the weather was perfect, the neighborhood really nice and we enjoyed it as a family. i really do love the fall and all the holidays.


how weird is this

just got my potterybarn kids catalog and their baby dolls names are lucy and abby. creepy huh? or i could just think how popular and trendy my girls' names are... i just think it's crazy how they are the same.
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