merry christmas

Merry Christmas!
Well, via internet I decided to tell you all what has been happening with our family. 2007 started out with a bang with the early arrival of Abigail. She kept us on our toes for the first few months and hasn’t stopped yet. She is growing every day, despite being super small!, and is now crawling and today started to pull herself up. She adores Lucy and follows her around like a puppy. Both of our children bring us so much joy and remind us of how wonderful our Heavenly Father’s plan is. Lucy is now 3 and getting ready to be a sunbeam. She loves her daddy and going on ‘dates’ with him. Her favorite activities are drawing, dancing, singing and playing with puzzles and blocks. She also enjoys her reading time with mommy twice a day, and always asks for more books.
Tyson is busy, busy, busy with school. We apply for the Construction Management major in April and he is working hard on keeping a high GPA and service projects. He is in the Sunday school presidency and he and Abby ring the bell during church every week. He is starting to sell more and more baseball cards on ebay ,and is turning into a great side job. So far he has been successful! I am busy teaching the beehives and keeping up with my own girls at home. I enjoy being at home and find it to be more than a full-time job. Tyson lets me exercise every day by myself and I really enjoy that break. I also am training to run the Canyonlands half-marathon in March with my girlfriends.
We are grateful for our opportunity to continue Ty’s schoolwork. It is hard to be back at college and on a tight budget, and it is even harder to be away from our families. But we know that this is the right place for us to be for now. Our ward is very kind and accepting of us and there are countless other couples with kids doing the same thing. Lucy has many little neighbors that are becoming fast friends and regular play dates with. Walks up to campus to pick up daddy are our favorite too.
We wish you and your families a very wonderful holiday and new year. May 2008 bring you health and happiness and opportunities to serve others.
Love, Tyson, Annie, Lucy and Abby Leavitt



thanks to grandma curtis and early christmas presents (only curtis' know what i'm talking about) lucy attended her first live nutcracker performance by utah regional ballet. the picture is sort of blurry, but she was more than ecstatic about it. i was a little worried about her making it through the whole thing, her bedtime is 7 and it didn't start till 7:30. but lo and behold, she stayed awake the entire time and couldn't get enough of it. the live orchestra was really interesting to her, but the dancing took the cake. the best part for me is that my friend and fellow dancer katherine dixon from BYU was the sugar plum fairy. how fun! and she was amazing as usual. i love knowing that this will be a tradition i can enjoy with my girls, and ty appreciates that he doesn't have to go.


seen and heard

i realized i haven't posted very much about the girls lately. i mostly made this blog for our parents to see how the girls are doing, but have used it more to keep up with my friends. oops. so here are some funny things the girls have been doing around the house.


  • she calls her nativity her "activity scene". and calls the angel a fairy.
  • we have a great church book from my mom, and yesterday she said, "mom, it's presibent sprinkley!"; but hey, she got joseph smith right.
  • she can fully dress herself, shoes, socks, pants, panties, shirt, jacket, beanie. she also can do this at an average of 30 times a day.
  • she is fully potty trained, but since we put up the christmas tree has regressed a little (hmm)
  • she loves hanging out with ty. (personally, i think she likes him better) because i am the disciplinarian and he is the fun dad who gives her m&m's for breakfast and let's her watch shows that i ban.
  • she loves healthy cereals- for real. if you pour her sugary stuff she can eat almost 3 bites. but get her some plain shredded wheat and she can down 3 bowls of it (with a little bit of honey).

  • is crawling, but can't pull herself up onto anything yet (hallelujah)
  • loves to talk, dangit. we thought we got a quiet child. her favorite words are (tingtangtao, dadadaoudee, oooooo, bluduooo)
  • she LOVES lucy. wants to always play with her, eat her food, steal her toys and be in her room.
  • is the apple of my eye, i love her so much and haven't trained her to sleep through the night yet because i just don't mind nursing her at 2am.
  • doesn't like her toys, but loves keys, staplers, cell phones, toilet paper, toilets, trash cans and board games.
  • will be 1 in less than a month! holy cow.


nyc christmas

have any of you been to nyc during christmas? this is my lifelong wish. maybe it's the dancer in me that is dying to see the nutcracker and broadway shows and the Rockefeller tree. someday i'm going to take my two girls there and enjoy the sights and sounds. wanna come?


family pics

oh, the annual family photo. so much stress, so much hair to do, and mother nature
cooperated with us and gave us some pretty backdrops to use. which one do you like best?

did i mention it was snowing? abby didn't like the snowflakes in her eyeballs too much.

lucy in front of our tree, i have a hard time with her being 3. only 10 more months.

our photographer and sister-in-law tara and ty's brother trent.
thanks to her i actualy have photos of my kids.oh yeah, their having a puppy in may. (we think it's twins :)


white stuff

saturday morning, december 1st we woke up to this winter wonderland. what a way to start the holidays.we had a blast playing all day long and driving in the snow. our street is really cute in the snow too. you can't even tell i haven't raked my leaves!

lucy was pretty stoked that it finally 'snowed' at her house. she was a little confused at first at how cold it was...but learned to love it anyways. she peed her pants while playing; either because it was too hard to come in and take off her snow bibs, or she just wanted to warm herself! probably too much info, but it was pretty funny.
beautiful view from my kitchen window.
i love it when the clouds are low like this.
the roads were way slick, but sarah and i still loaded up the kids, dropped them off at the sitter's and got to the gym. way to go us.
she may be smiling, but abby hated her snow outfit.


thanksgiving post

finally got around to the turkey day pictures. again we celebrated at my parents house for the delicious food and my mom's homemade rolls. we had a lot of fun at the leavitt's skeet shooting but don't have any pictures.
lucy and her favorite cousin sydney

mmm, pie.

if any of you want to know what ty does at my parents', it's sleep.

cousin (2nd?) henry. so adorable, makes me ache for a boy.

abigail and henry, hmm, they look related?

jessie and my cousin joe. we had so much fun with them, hope the feeling was mutual! we are still laughing over all the funny stories we heard and told. fun times by the pool table; that's the first time i felt young again for a long time.
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