at the advice and tutelage of my sister-in-law melanie, i began coupon clipping about a month after we moved. i have to admit, i used to think it was a big waste of time to cut out, store and use a 50 cent coupon. but today, i am a firm believer in coupons. not just any coupon, there are thousands of fake coupons out there. anytime you see an asterisk that means you are not getting a good deal; usually all the good ones have those. the scary ones are for medical procedures and i really don't want the lowest bidder for that stuff if you know what i mean.

the point of this post was to share how our family loves coupons. lucy loves 'croutons', she thinks the hair product ones are the prettiest and helps me hold them in the store (but usually drops them in the process). whenever she finds one in the house she yells "i found a crouton mom! oooh, it's a good one!" abby thinks they are fun for a mid-morning snack or to tear apart. one time she tore up a "$3.00 off exedrin one", so sad.

ty laughs at the coupons, but not when he goes shopping with us. a lot of the coupons are for foods i could care less about, but he loves. pickles, spam, tortillas, cheese sticks, chips, salsa and so on. so thanks to mel, croutons are a part of our lives now. i get really excited sunday mornings when i see my savings wrapped in an orange bag covered in snow. now if i could just keep them organized...


my job

i know you are all on the edges of your seats waiting to know what this 'new job' is. sorry to get you worked up, you can relax now. i teach one class every tuesday night; it's an intermediate pointe class for the academy of ballet in springville. after 3 weeks of teaching i'm almost learning one girls name. they are good, but talky. and how hypocritical is it of me to get mad at them for talking? (i guess only jandee knows how much i talk in ballet class :) but it is a job, and i enjoy it. and i am sore.
after searching for a part-part-time job to tide us over, this one fell in my lap in one day. although students loans are oh so lovely, our kids are freakin' expensive. abby won't drink whole milk, which isn't good because i just weaned her. so what do you do for a kid in the 3rd percentile? feed her pediasure. so we are basically pouring money into her that gets pooped out in 12 hours, but at least she's growing. right?

ps: lucy begs to go every week, but secretly likes being 'baby sitted' by daddy. which means chocolate, beef jerky and spongebob. what a great dad.


devil food

i've decided that krispy kreme's were, in fact, created by the devil himself. after having a whole week of eating really well and not indulging, lucy's playgroup took a tour of the krispy kreme store. not to worry, i had just eaten and wasn't very hungry. especially after watching them fry in oil, the doughnuts did not look as tantalizing as i remembered. but oh, just wait. they give you a free sample when you reach the counter. what, you are saying, something for free? no, it's not. because once i took a little nibble of lucy's doughnut i was lost. lost in the land of sugary goodness and i was sold. hooked. worse than nicotine. we headed home with a variety of a dozen doughnuts, and we all ate ourselves into an oblivion. the next day lucy said, 'remember those doughnuts? they were gooood." yes, my child. all of the devil's foods are good. better than good. irresistible. and don't forget it.


great man

that is what i think of when i hear his name. president gordon b. hinckley was the prophet and leader for my religion when i truly began to believe and gain a testimony. he was a great man, and a good example for us all. doesn't matter what your religion, this was a great man; and he passed away today, at the age of 97. and i am happy that he is with his wife again, and sad that i can't hear him speak again.


monkey #2

so abby has done it, started climbing on to things just like lucy. i'll admit, they aren't as tenacious as boys are, but they can get into a lot of things too. abby was laughing in lucy's room and this is what i found. she thought the foggy window was pretty neat.


noodle house

while making spaghetti monday night lucy played with the extra noodles. you'd be surprised how many purposes dry pasta can serve. we all know about necklaces and art, but we also used them as batons to lead singing, magic wands and nose pickers. but our favorite was finding her making this house. ty helped her with the car and tree, but the house is all her.


mlk day

and how, you might ask, did we spend martin luther king day? by participating in a predominantly white sport of course. i remember in school when we actually prepared and learned about mlk and celebrated. i think some of my siblings can still sing my mom's famous song about it from elementary school (sing about martin...sing about luther!). i am grateful for him, but i think today, we were more grateful that tyson was home with no schoolwork.

lucy l o v e d it. this is when we were watching the zamboni work it's magic

a lot of the time she just wanted to hold on to the side and 'arabestk'

i believe in this picture she had just yelled "i'm SKATING!!!" in case no one had noticed yet.


january life

abby's birthday at cheesecake factory- it was awesome (and i don't throw that word around lightly) after picking up ty's cousin kaden from his mission- the whole entire leavitt clan ate there- i think a table for 35- and abby had a celebrity birthday party (thanks to uncle penn and uncle troy i believe)

new clothes + new toys= happy baby

abby enjoying watching the snow from our kitchen window


doggy do

today i tried my bob 'curly' style. not only did my hair stylist say it would rock, which by the way his salon rocks (shep salon), but would be easy. the easy part was just that. the final result. well, take a look for yourself. at dinner lucy told me i look like a puppy dog. nice.


sticky stuff

after being home for only 4 days before traveling to nevada for a missionary homecoming and abigail's birthday, christmas decorations did not come down. so monday morning we took our tree out to the street.
later, while lucy and i conversed over the daily make-up ritual. (can i wear some? "no", can i wear some? no) i dropped the lid to my foundation into the drain. right side up, with no way to pry it out. with tyson gone to school, and abby napping, i had no clue what to do. talking out loud i told lucy, "if we could find something sticky, we could maybe pull it out" and in one second she shouted "tree sap is sticky!" what a brilliant idea! we got a q-tip, trecked outside to the tree, gobbed up a bunch on the end, and headed back into the bathroom. and wouldn't you know, it pulled up my lid like that was it's job.

i think this definitely merits some bragging rights on lucy's magiver skills.


first birthday

tommorrow is abigail's day of birth. wow.
i honestly don't know how to describe how this little bug has changed our lives. she has grown so much (today she was 16lbs 9oz and 26 1/2") and loves talking and being like her big sister. it sounds cheesy i know, but it's true. we love her, we are so glad she came to us, and here's to you abby! HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!



vacation pictures

here are the christmas pictures that journal 'some' of our visit. the girls had a great time playing with their cousins and getting oodles of candy and presents. please forgive me for my 'christmas' morning picture; this is post eating a pound of sees candies and my dad's homemade fudge the night before. can you say bloated?

abby loved her kitty from her stocking

lucy loved her dress up clothes from santa

we had so much fun with cousins emily and jacob

my little gingerbread protege


new year

2008 has begun and we are trying to keep up. after two terrific weeks in Nevada with our families, we are home. I can't wait to get into my bed. But I will miss my mom's shower,mmm, nice. the girls enjoyed every minute of vacation, except, of course, naptime and bedtime. but santa came to grandma's and we have to rotate our toys. i asked lucy if she wanted to give some of her old toys away, but she wants to keep all of them. oh well.

abby started talking the first few days we arrived. she now says-
"baba" baby
"nana" banana
"num num": good food
"bapa": grandpa
"sissy": lucy
"uh-oh": i dropped my sippy cup again
and "ki ki" kitty. yeah for abby!

lucy is in love with her new dress up clothes and handme-downs from cousin emily. we barely made it in the door unloading tonight and she already had her leotard, tutu, and ballet shoes on. what a piece of work.
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