lucy ann

lucy can write her name now. l u c y. it's everywhere. on her sunbeam handouts, on her wall, on her carpet, on her valentine's that i never mailed or handed out.

she is getting sick too. it's almost sweet because i remember what a wonderful little girl she is, just her energy tends to hide it.
all day long she lay on the couch, "i don't feel good,"
"mom, my body doesn't feel good."
poor poor lucy, my favorite lucy.


influenza b

i'm huking, hacking and feel like me head is going to explode.

anyone wanna come watch my kids?


love life

new year's eve 1999

in the spirit of valentine's month- i decided to fill out this tag. enjoy.

How long have you been together? First date: may 25, 1998 (the only reason I know is because it was my sister’s birthday)

Who said I love you first? Tyson did, if you can believe it or not. I was a little shocked.

Who is smarter? Tyson about anything that has to do with mechanics, organization, math, logic, all the left brained stuff. I can change a pretty mean diaper and know more about feelings,fashion and art.

Who does the laundry? Who does the dishes? I do all the laundry and the dishes during the day, but Ty (almost always) does the dinner dishes.

Who sleeps on the right? I do…in our first two apartments it was farthest from the door. Now just out of habit.

Who pays the bills? I usually do.

Who cooks dinner? I do

Who drives when you are together? Ty does, unless I’m feeling car sick.

Who is more stubborn? That’s a good question, I’d say 50/50

Who kissed who first? Oh, I am so glad to set this record straight. Ty kissed me FIRST the night before he went to scout camp (sweet huh?)

Who asked who out first? Honestly, our late best friend shawn Sandoval did. Ty called and said “we’re going to the movies, wanna come?” I said no because it was my sister's birthday. Then shawn comes on and says “annie, he’s asking you out!” whoah, that was the deal breaker.

(side note (corrections added chandra!): Shawn and my friend Chandra really were the main reason we got together. Ty jokes that if they hadn't have nudged us together ty would be living in a cabin in remote nevada hunting animals all day long.)

Who proposed? Which time? It’s hard to tell when you know you are going to marry someone when you are 17.

Who has more siblings? I do

Who wears the pants? I do most of the time, until ty puts his foot down. Doesn’t happen often, but I know it’s important if he does(he says he wears them).


what candy?

so, to add to my coupon post... i have been getting excellent deals on seasonal candy. $1 for peanut m&m jumbo bags, 3for1 cadbury eggs and so on and so forth. the thing is, i also got great deals on candy for valentine's day. and do you think any of it was around by february 14th? no way jose, that stuff was hasta la vista in about 48 hours.

here is the dilemma, where can i hide my easter candy for 3 1/2 weeks without me eating it all at 2 in the morning after a bad day?

i had ty hide it from me in the garage. when it comes to candy, i am a blood hound. i think it's genetic (no offense mom :).


family tag

ABC Tag, I'm It. But i'm including everyone too so it's not just about me.

A- Attached or Single? attached
(hopefully my children will stay single at least till 1/2 way through college)
B- Best Friend? in the whole world? tyson
lucy's best friend: i can't even name them all, but emmy comes over a lot. her cousins and aunts and uncles mostly.
abby: lucy
C- Cake or pie? pie pie pie
D- Day of choice? friday
E- Essential Item? Water
ty: baseball cards
lucy: apple juice
abby: kitty cat
F- Favorite Color? blue
tyson: red
lucy: pink
abby: is banana a color?
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? chocolate covered cinnamon bears
lucy: likes the sour worms.
H- Home town? i'll use birthplace...pittsburgh, pa
ty and the girls: st. george, utah
I- Favorite Indulgence? Almond m&m’s and krispy kreme’s
ty: flaming hot cheetos
lucy and abby: chocolate and whipped creme
J- January or July? January, always a fresh start.
K- Kids? 2
L- Life isn't complete without? joy
M- Marriage date? april 18, 2003
N- Number of brothers and sisters? 4 bros, 2 sisters
ty: 2 bros, 1 sis
O- Oranges or Apples? That depends on what season it is.
P- Phobia and fears? cobwebs, bad spelling, drunk-drivers, losing loved ones.
ty:losing us
lucy and abby: not being able to watch elmo anymore.
Q- Quote? nothing is so bad that whining about it can’t make it worse.
ty: "what you talkin' bout willis?"
R- Reason to smile? i am very blessed.
- Season of choice? Winter.
ty: fall
lucy: summer because the park is open all day (playground at school)
abby: could care less
T- Tag three people? whomever wishes, so be it.
U- Unknown fact about me? i always feel like I’m shorter than everyone else.
ty: secretly likes the shakespeare festival when we go (ssh, don't tell him you know)
lucy: is very sensitive to everyone's feelings
abby: loves to dance already
V- Vegetable? abby and i like broccoli
ty: asparagus
lucy: peas
W- Worst habit?
i talk too much
ty: on ebay too much
lucy: picks her nose and eats it (and then announces the fact)
abby: farts in public
X-Ray or Ultrasound? both
ty: x-rays for his torn acl
lucy: 2 ultrasounds in utero, one x-ray for a sprained ankle
abby: 2 ultrasounds in utero, a gadzillion x-rays in the NICU.
Y- Your favorite food? everything
ty: appetizer samplers
lucy: chicken nuggets
abby: whatever i'm eating
Z- Zodiac sign? scorpio
ty and lucy: libra


horses held

a few weeks ago, around dinnertime, lucy was pretty bent on us getting something for her. for the life of me, i can't remember what it was; but ty and i were both busy. he was feeding abby and i was cooking dinner. many times during the day we have to curb her enthusiasm and often say "hold your horses lucy!" well, i said it again this night, and all of a sudden she was gone. whoah, 'she's actually learning' i thought. then a faint voice from her bedroom is screaming "i have my horse in my hand!" ty and i got a good chuckle out of it and to praise her for her ingenuity, got her what she wanted.


happy heart

aren't these white roses great? they are from tyson, who from a business lecture learned how to pick great flowers. these are by far the most beautiful i have every received.today is our 9th valentine celebration (granted two of them were by post via mission mail, sans ooey gooey sentiments of course). how time flies, how love grows. makes me think of the lyrics, "just let your love grow." granted, we water it and feed it, but it still has enough oomph to keep on growing everyday.

after giving cards this morning and receiving from the girls- i can't help thinking about valentine's day. is it really just a cheap shot of commercialism from the card and candy companies; or is it the opportunity to genuinely share your affection for others? i like to think a little of both; but the former reason only because everyone could use a day made just for chocolates.
in elementary school i LOVED valentine's day. carefully selecting which care bear card to give to the boy i liked, the boy i didn't like, and my girlfriends who always got extra candy. in college it was the loneliest day of the year. and now in marriage, it is just another day (plus flowers and candy of course). what am i getting at here is although i'm not in your class, if you are reading this i would definitely send you a sweet valentine sharing how glad i am you are here and are my friend. whether you have a valentine to share today with, or not- you are just as valuable no matter what.

happy heart day.


keep wishing

i want my house to look perfect, put together and pristine. is that too much to ask? but who has enough money (or enough time to track down bargains) to get their home looking like this? i keep telling myself that it is a process, that over the years if i keep rejecting junk while still collecting tried and true pieces it will come together. but then i just get tired of hum drum and want to go into debt to have a beautiful home. should i call up potterybarn or spiegel and say, "i'll take it all, thank you." we have been fortunate to hit some steals and deals with furniture before we went back to school. and thanks to sister-in-law jill lucy has fabulous bedding and curtains in her room. but i want more. i want cute throw pillows and picture frames and gorgeous sheets and towels. the avarice and greed is running thickly right now in my brain. what do you do?


olympic dreams

lucy is taking gymnastics on mondays and wednesdays. for now it is just for fun, especially after seeing this picture.


grandma and grandpa

we had a great weekend with ty's parents in town. lucy and abby loved all of the attention. lucy was pretty proud to show grandma and grandpa her sunbeams class and the 'animal museum' (aka L. Monte Bean Museum) at byu. we love that place. ty and i loved that we got to eat out 2 days in a row! wow, what a luxury. it was a really great visit, and i just realized we didn't take ANY pictures. how sad. we miss them already.

i do have to show off my valentine's present from tyson. it came early. i have wanted this clock for a long time, i think since the first time i watched back to the future. anyways, it's really cute and quirky; and it fits great with my kitchen decor.


too short

i ran a quick 2 miler this morning instead of my usual 3-4. i also ran faster than usual. i was still huffing and puffing when i opened up our kitchen door to find lucy talking to ty. "hi there!" i say. and what is her response? "hey, you were supposed to go running." obviously i wasn't gone long enough.


winter winds

At twelve o'clock tonight,
When every house is dark,
Who ride the roads alone?
The winds of winter. Hark!

The moon is clear above,
The earth is hard below;
And with a little dust
They drive a little snow.

The make the maples roar,
The withered flowers hiss,
Along the way they go
On such a night as this.

The winds usurp the earth,
And even safely housed,
Folk must cling fast to sleep
Not to be oft aroused.

-robert frost


dish washer

this morning i washed breakfast dishes and envied all of you with a dishwasher. a beautiful, sparkling, energy sucking dishwasher. i wash them after every meal, but sometimes i combine to save water :).

while putting away the dishes tonight after dinner, i caught ty 'inspecting' a washed spatula. "what are you doing?" i asked. he informed me that when i do the dishes there are specks of dried food everywhere. guess what that means? i never have to do dishes again.

ty now is our official dish washer and my secret desire of never washing a dish again comes true. let's see if it lasts.


can you?

today in the car on the way to target:

'can i be alice in wonderland next halloween?'
"can you make my costume?"
"i can try; that might be fun."
"can you make it fabulous?"

now THAT is a good question.
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