what candy?

so, to add to my coupon post... i have been getting excellent deals on seasonal candy. $1 for peanut m&m jumbo bags, 3for1 cadbury eggs and so on and so forth. the thing is, i also got great deals on candy for valentine's day. and do you think any of it was around by february 14th? no way jose, that stuff was hasta la vista in about 48 hours.

here is the dilemma, where can i hide my easter candy for 3 1/2 weeks without me eating it all at 2 in the morning after a bad day?

i had ty hide it from me in the garage. when it comes to candy, i am a blood hound. i think it's genetic (no offense mom :).


Carrie said...

That's so funny! I always have Peter put stuff up where it's way too high for me to get to it easily, but what do I do? I bust out the stool and stand on my tippy toes to reach the goods, despite all his efforts. I think that when sniffing out chocolate is in your blood, there's nothing you can do about it. just embrace it! You can list it as one of your talents on your resume. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. I've had rich hide stuff but that just adds to the temptation..."Can I find it?" If your getting good deals my suggestion is just buy lots more!

Melanie said...

Too funny! That's always our problem too. Hope the hiding helps make it last! :)

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