baby #3

we have another baby coming to our family, and no not the human kind. got you sweating didn't we?

no this baby is lucy's best friend, confidant, partner in crime. most children attach to stuffed animals, a blanket, a truck etc. well, lucy attached herself to this dolly from birth (she likes to rub the satin hat rim) and it just happens to be hard to clean, upkeep and very, very rare. the first replacement (baby #2) we found a year and a half ago and took 6 months to find on ebay. yesterday i decided to search again for it on ebay and found it in 5 minutes and she should be coming by next week.

thank goodness for ebay because this thing goes everywhere with us. and as my brother bill said at christmas time, "it (baby #2) looks disgusting."


it's uncanny

anyone ever watched scrubs before? maybe it's time to give abby a haircut.

kiwanis park

if it's between 3-4:30 and you can't reach us at home, this is where we are. we live only a block away from the most popular BYU park there is. Every monday night it's packed with FHE groups,the lovely local firemen on their breaks, and the couples 'reading' on their blankets.

we were lucky to have uncle trent and tara go with us last month and take pictures.


niagara falls i tell ya

today during the girls' nap time, instead of squeezing in my cross-stiching project or a quick power nap(i really am an 80 year old lady), i read Bridge To Terabithia again. I hadn't read it since 4th grade and thought it would be a fun, quick read. oh my. it didn't matter that i could hear lucy climbing her closet shelves and pulling out all her clothes instead of sleeping, or abby's hacking cough that is getting scarily worse. no,i ate up the whole book and balled my eyes out like a baby. i hate books like these, and yet, i really love them.


happy easter egg

our eggs.
after the hunt
i think they're related

we had a lot of fun dyeing these.
lucy was an excellent egg color timer. she knew when they were ready, and they would be!
lucy asked if it was easter this morning. i told her "no", and she was confused. "but we still have lots of candy left!" she said. lots of candy we have, and thank thank thank goodness there isn't another food holiday until october. holy cow.

cupcake crayons

do you have a million broken crayon pieces in your coloring box? don't throw them away!

if you have toddlers, this is a really fun and easy craft. thanks to The Everything Toddler Activity Book my mom gave us for Easter, lucy was entertained for 20 minutes.

.peel off all the paper off of the broken crayons (might want to do this before-lucy lost interest)

.place broken pieces (no black, brown or grey) into a lined muffin tin.

.bake at 300 degrees till melted.

fyi-lucy loved the end result; and no, they are not for eating : )


spring is in the air

i watched a robin gulp down two worms this morning. mother nature better be serious about changing seasons because i'm just tired of all this teasing.

i think my new template will urge her on.


you know you're poor when...

lucy says in the morning "ooh, i like these panties. they fit AND there aren't any holes in them!"
you only buy gifts on your gap card because your checking account is empty.

you get excited for trips home because you don't have to buy groceries for 3 days

run outside every sunday morning in your pjs and barefeet to check out the coupons

gauge how long it would take to walk somewhere to save gas money

you frequent the local library bi-weekly because it is the only thing that is free

entertain family at the bean animal museum (again, free)

you can't imagine how anyone can 1.own a home, 2. afford to pay the taxes and insurance on such home, 3. own a nice car at the same time, 4. afford to clothe their children 4. pay full price for anything 5. not have a budget. 6. not be in debt. 7. not argue about money


i'm thinking yale

i don't want to be a blagger (bragging on your blog), but lucy's art skills have improved crazy fast lately. she has always been talented with the crayolas, that's been obvious for awhile. but her attention span was so short and she only worked with one color. now, all the colors are at her fingertips and she can stay and finish an entire page in one sitting.

my mom would say she had a 'brain change.' i say she definitely did not get this from me, this is all tyson (and my brother russ and sister sarah)

sidenote- tyson did color in the dad, but that's all
i'm thinking a masters of art at yale

more pictures

tara,robyn,me- out to eat afterwards
robyn sandoval
tara sandoval
yes, this old lady beat me
phew...i finished

i'd post more pictures of me, but i look like a dying mule on it's last leg. they're not pretty.



pre-race early morning photo

4 years ago i drew in the lottery to run the moab half-marathon. i was pregnant, about 8 weeks along and still planned on jogging it, but when my doctor found out the forecast was 87 degrees he nixed the trip. good thing too, i heard people passed out left and right that year.

so, on saturday, 4 years later i finally ran it with two of my friends, tara and robyn sandoval. not only was it amazingly refreshing to sleep two nights away from my kids, but so fun to just relax.
granted, the flu last week knocked me out cold so i definitely didn't set a pr (personal record, for you non-runners) or anything, but i did it. my butt started and sloughed through running 13.1 miles. it was gorgeous, amazingly beautiful scenery, and i must say, the running crowd is very, very nice.
yeah for me.

more pictures to come.


beware of silence

as a mother, i have learned to recognize that not all silence is created equal. there is the peaceful silence when the babes are asleep, and the golden silence while they look at books or do a puzzle. and then there is the scary silence that lasts longer than 30 seconds; that silence has never wielded happy endings. every time we recognize this quiet moment ty looks at me, and we KNOW that some kid is doing something bad.

some examples are: lucy playing outside alone/lucy standing on top of her dresser/abby playing with poop (don't even ask)/abby and lucy getting into my make up together/lucy getting into my makeup alone/ abby playing with a squishy rotten orange in the laundry room.

this is what scary silence produced last week: one complete roll of ultra charmin, ruined. abby was pretty proud.


como se what?

ok- i've had it. enough. para! for the second group session in a row we have had a caucasian parent in our gymnastics class (names withheld) who speaks only spanish to their kid. the first child's father was from columbia, which understandably, you'd want your kid to be bilingual. but come on, you can't use english for 45 minutes away from home? and the second child is whiter than the driven snow, and the father has the worst gringo accent i've ever heard.the teacher is teaching in english, the students are trying to follow directions in english. can't you just say jump instead of salta? what the heck is going on here?

great, educate your child. expose them to other languages, AT HOME. thank you.

i'll stop ranting now.


skiing in your skivies

the snow has melted and the sun is shining in our yard. it seems strange that the mountains still are covered in snow, i bet that snow is warm too. makes me think of a funny little story from a long time ago.

almost every saturday in the winters my dad would pack up seven kids, skis, boots, jackets, gloves, lunches (oh, how i hated those soggy ham and cheese sandwiches), and cocoa into our family suburban and take us up to mt. rose to ski. he had started us all out when we were about 3 years old on the old puff the magic dragon skis. why did we give those to DI?
every time we went it seemed as though someone would forget something. the cardinal rule when skiing with my dad was to NEVER forget anything, like your boots, and NEVER click your skis together on the lift. those memories are so strong from those trips. my dad's warm cherry lip balm and cold starbust from my pocket. and always having him put his pole across my lap so as to not fall of the lift.

to make a long story short,the night before one trip my mom told me it was going to be very warm and to not wear many layers under my snow bibs. imagine my dads surprise when we get out of the car and unzips my jacket and all i have on is my snow bibs and underwear. classic kodak moment.

i got a new mt. rose ski t-shirt out of that trip. and great, great memories. i should get lucy some skiing lessons.
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