more pictures

tara,robyn,me- out to eat afterwards
robyn sandoval
tara sandoval
yes, this old lady beat me
phew...i finished

i'd post more pictures of me, but i look like a dying mule on it's last leg. they're not pretty.


Melanie said...

Great pictures! :) I'm so glad you survived! I am totally impressed.

The Leavitts said...

Your crazy! I'm proud of you i could never run or walk that much! Are you guys going to come down for easter? I hope to see you soon!

The Richards in Canada said...

SO cool!! Congrats!! I just signed up for a half in Helena Montana in June! I'm so excited!!! Oh yes and Abby is Yale bound for sure..she's getting SO big! I was going to say and cute...but she's ALWAYs been cute!!

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