back to me

just got home from our leavitt family vacation to disneyland. much too exhausted to post anything but this. once i get a handle on the laundry i'll fill you all in.

here's a sneak peek: it was fun, hot, and tiring.


hello, goodbye

after moving back to p-town last year we were able to meet up with a lot of my old friends and roommates. it's weird to see how we all are older with kids, and yet still hanging around happy valley :) well, now becky and her family are moving onward and upward into a real adult life that doesn't include school. it was fun to get together one last time, but sad to see them go. we had some good times in jamestown #27 didn't we?
some of my favorite memories of becky were:
.her excellent advice; she was wiser in sooo many ways. wink wink
.having her in the relief society presidency, that's the first time i attended every enrichment!
.her polish stories
.her clothes :)
.her fun brothers next door
.her witty sense of humor
.her faith

becky,sophie, jandee, abigail, lucy, me
here's a good one of everyone but me, can you say bad angle? (i hope)


i think i'm officially an american

i sold my first item on craigslist today. our combi stroller that had 'rave reviews' and supposedly the best tandem stroller on the market, sucked marbles. so i sold it for some good moolah. hooray for me. but i do feel kind of bad that the family that bought it is going to find that it turns like a double decker bus and can't fit through doorways. i can't tell you how many stinking door jams i ran into and belt checked the girls. quite funny now that i think about it.


it doesn't feel like 5 years

five years ago we were here.
five years ago i made the smartest decision of my life.
5 years ago i was so young and stupid.
i'm still young and stupid, and i still love my hubby.
i actually love my hubby way more than five years ago. here's to us.

i am just excited by the fact that my man still likes me. and vice versa. it's comforting to know that we still make each other laugh and he's still my best friend. it is so easy to take for granted what you have and complain about life, and then i think about the people who have lost loved ones, either later on in life or too soon, and wish they would have appreciated it more. so whoever you are, and wherever you abide, hug the person(s) you love and tell them how glad you are they are your friends. heaven knows we need a lot more appreciation and love in this world.


how much is that doggy in the window?

last weekend we babysat our neighbor's bulldog. gwen is her name, and we all fell in love with her. besides her odor and snoring, she stole our hearts away. the girls lived and breathed around her for 3 straight days. we played outside all day saturday with yard work. poor gwenny, i don't think she's ever exercised that much! it was fun, but made me realize that puppies are like, well, children. and i don't think i'm ready for a 3rd now thank you.
yes, that is abby inside the 'crate.' lucy asked, "mom, why do you call it a crate when it is a cage?" smart kid.


you must sees this

i've been in a classic movie kick recently. maybe it's ty's midnight study sessions that spurred me on this binge, but i'm glad i have.i had forgotten how well written they all are. seriously, if you haven't seen these, take the time and netflix them. so much better than some of the crap you pay 8 bucks to see today. and if you only pick one, (which i hope you pick all) tennesee williams' cat on a hot tin roof will knock your socks off. so much better watching after marriage.

add these in your box to rent...or check them out for free at the library (yes, they will have them)
1. the odd couple
2. cat on a hot tin roof
3. to catch a thief
4. rear window
5. charade
6. to sir with love and in the heat of the night/ both with sydney poitier
7. the long hot summer
And I must give props to me dear dad who exposed me to great films like this instead of letting me watch the simpsons.


i heart the 80's

my urban outfitters catalog came today and i almost died. they are actually selling this outfit. why on this green earth would you buy these pants? or tank top, for that matter. i had a pair just like these, bow and all, i'm sure they are at some savers store somewhere. this phenomenon really doesn't cease to get me. the only outfit i find remotely cute that i used to wear out of my zippered jeans, oversized shirts, and lacy leggins, is the leggings. so cute; so for someone a size 6 or under.

yes...80's music totally rocks. some of my favorite movies came from the 80's (sixteen candles, pretty in pink, breakfast club, goonies, trading places etc.) the cars, not so much, and the clothes, well, let's just say the clothes are awesome for 80's parties. and do you know why they are fun to wear to costume parties? because they were, are, and always will be absolutely ridiculous. you heard me...ridiculous!


A for effort

thanks to flylady, my house is significantly cleaner than when i first married. every bath time (which is every night) i wipe down the bathroom counter and toilet with my trusty clorox wipes. it's easy to do as we have a one butt bathroom and i can reach everything from sitting on the tub.

well, this is how sweet my little lucy is. i finally bought her those cool kandoo (see inset for instructions) wipes for kids. seeing as how i am really tired of doing the booty check after every trip, this would help us out. the coupon on sunday for 2 bucks off definitely spurred the purchase too.

tonight i showed her the sweet box and placed them on the bathroom counter ready for her to use. after bathtime, while dressing abby in her pj's, lucy announces, "mommy, i went pooottty." "mommy, I used my wiiiipes!" oh good, I thought. I zip up abby, place her on her floor and walk in to the bathroom to find lucy, standing up with her pants and undies around her ankles,wiping down the counter with her wipes,just scrubbing away. what a cutie. we explained what 'her special' wipes are for. they aren't like mommy's cleaning wipes. let's hope she never gets them swapped, yowza.


this is how we roll

what do you do with an anxious 3 year old who wants to play while you make dinner? make daddy take her for a bike ride of course. she ends up happy, hungry and ready for bed.


prepare yourself for rambling

Here are 7 random facts about me. I think I did this tag awhile ago so I’ll try and make it interesting.thanks kristin :).

1. I associate a gender to numbers and letters of the alphabet.
For example,
7 girl, 8 boy, 9 boy, m girl, o boy, a girl, b boy. Scary huh?
2. I freak out when my kids get a little sick and take them to the doctors when nothings wrong, then they get WAY worse and I won’t go back because I’m too embarrassed.
3. I daily regret the way I treated people in the past.
4. I cry during every song in The Sound of Music.
5. Between ages of 12-16 I wanted to dance for American Ballet Theatre in NYC.
6. I didn’t go to Gifted and Talented class because my mom said I wouldn’t like it. Found out when I was 16 I didn’t pass the exam. I always thought I wasn’t as smart as my siblings, now I know.
7. I pronounce chic the wrong way until after I was married (it’s not chick like a baby chicken)

7 random facts about Tyson:
1. His sweat smells really good, no really.
2. He likes chocolate almost more than I do.
3. The only sport he truly likes to watch is baseball.
4.He doesn’t think people judge you by what you wear (we ague about this often!)
5. He gets along really well with everybody. Seriously, everybody.
6. He can rebuild a car engine. I”ve seen him do it twice, now he's on his third one.
7. I have yet to find a brand of jeans that can hold up to his wear and tear.

7 random facts about the girls:
1. They love vegetables.
2. The both already show a lot of dancing talent,
3. Abby cries when Uncle Trent comes to visit for only a few minutes, she loves him!
4. Lucy remembers absolutely e v e r y t h i n g that you say. Thank goodness we don’t swear. Yesterday she said, “ah crap!”
5. They both get carsick (lucy more than abby).
6. The both love being outside, and love our new bike trailer we got for free fifty-free from the neighbors.
7. They both love show tune movies.

There you go folks. I tag tara, jessica,and Carrie,Steph, Joshlyn, Chandra and Mel.The tag is to write 7 random facts about me!!
The rules are:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules here
3. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself
4. Tag 7 random people at the end of the post, linking to them
5. Leave a comment on their blog so that they know they’ve been tagged
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