A for effort

thanks to flylady, my house is significantly cleaner than when i first married. every bath time (which is every night) i wipe down the bathroom counter and toilet with my trusty clorox wipes. it's easy to do as we have a one butt bathroom and i can reach everything from sitting on the tub.

well, this is how sweet my little lucy is. i finally bought her those cool kandoo (see inset for instructions) wipes for kids. seeing as how i am really tired of doing the booty check after every trip, this would help us out. the coupon on sunday for 2 bucks off definitely spurred the purchase too.

tonight i showed her the sweet box and placed them on the bathroom counter ready for her to use. after bathtime, while dressing abby in her pj's, lucy announces, "mommy, i went pooottty." "mommy, I used my wiiiipes!" oh good, I thought. I zip up abby, place her on her floor and walk in to the bathroom to find lucy, standing up with her pants and undies around her ankles,wiping down the counter with her wipes,just scrubbing away. what a cutie. we explained what 'her special' wipes are for. they aren't like mommy's cleaning wipes. let's hope she never gets them swapped, yowza.


Becky J. said...

I had no idea they had anything like these for kids! What a great invention, especially that it hangs on the wall next to the toilet paper! That's awesome! And I love the flylady daily clean, too, but I'm just not as good at doing it as you are. Bath time is a great idea to remember to get it done!

Jordan and Jandee said...

This was such a cute story, isn't it amazing what your little kids pick up on!

Carrie said...

That is so cute! Even though I've never met Lucy, from all the stories you've told, I think she and I would get along really well. :-) Good luck with the wipes! Hope they work!

The Leavitts said...

That is so cute! Arent little kids always doing stuff to make you laugh! Hope you guys are doing good!

Camrin said...

way to teach um young. I love it when my little girl begs me to clean her room after she has totally destroyed it. At least she can tell the difference between clean and messy.
It has been so fun checking out your blog. :) Hope things are going well for you.

Melanie said...

I love this story! You have to make sure you don't forget this one. What a sweet girl and it just proves how much our kids watch EVERYTHING we do! :) Give the girls a hug and kiss from us!

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