i think i'm officially an american

i sold my first item on craigslist today. our combi stroller that had 'rave reviews' and supposedly the best tandem stroller on the market, sucked marbles. so i sold it for some good moolah. hooray for me. but i do feel kind of bad that the family that bought it is going to find that it turns like a double decker bus and can't fit through doorways. i can't tell you how many stinking door jams i ran into and belt checked the girls. quite funny now that i think about it.


Anonymous said...

What cute kids. if you email me your address ( I can send you an invite to my family blog. My poetry blog is open though. Oh, I guess I'm NOT a true American. I've never sold anything on craiglist. But, I have on ebay. Does that count?

Melanie said...

Congrats! It's nice to get rid of things you aren't using and get some money for it! :)

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