you must sees this

i've been in a classic movie kick recently. maybe it's ty's midnight study sessions that spurred me on this binge, but i'm glad i have.i had forgotten how well written they all are. seriously, if you haven't seen these, take the time and netflix them. so much better than some of the crap you pay 8 bucks to see today. and if you only pick one, (which i hope you pick all) tennesee williams' cat on a hot tin roof will knock your socks off. so much better watching after marriage.

add these in your box to rent...or check them out for free at the library (yes, they will have them)
1. the odd couple
2. cat on a hot tin roof
3. to catch a thief
4. rear window
5. charade
6. to sir with love and in the heat of the night/ both with sydney poitier
7. the long hot summer
And I must give props to me dear dad who exposed me to great films like this instead of letting me watch the simpsons.


Katie M said...

nice! i needed to refresh my netflix queue.

Jordan and Jandee said...

Annie I'm so glad you love old movies too....Jordan is still getting used to this little quirk about me, I actually own all the movies you suggested except the Sydney Poitier ones, I can't wait to watch those, I'm always looking for old movie suggestions!

Annie Leavitt said...

yeah, when ty and i first married he was a little wary. but rear window is now one of our favorite 'go to' movies. we always still get scared!

Melanie said...

I've seen some of those thanks to your brother and they've been good so far. Need to put the rest on our Blockbuster list! :)

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