early classification

we have had the pleasure of visiting with Renee and her girls this weekend. I haven't seen her in 3 years! It is so fun to be around old friends again and realize that although almost everything has changed, school, jobs, kids, houses, it felt like old times again.

i told lucy thursday morning that her friend Nali was coming over to play. Immediately Lucy asks, "Um, does she wear panties?". What kind of a question is that? But then I realized, this is how lucy classifies other little girls. If they are 'cool' and 'older', they wear panties. Anyone in diapers is so not in her class. I laughed out loud when I realized what she was doing. I assured her that yes, Nali wears panties and is a big girl.

we had a great visit renee. sam, ty missed you. can't wait till next time.


another leavitt girl!

tara and trent finally gave birth (well, tara did) to evelyn camille leavitt. she weighed only one ounce less than lucy and the same height, which i thought was crazy. she is beautiful and it is so nice to have another leavitt grandbaby;the girls finally have their first cousin on ty's side of the family. having them live on our block makes it hard though, lucy wants to go see the baby every day.

the day she was born, lucy said the prayer at lunch at asked to 'bless baby evelyn and aunt tara and uncle trent' and it was really sweet. it is so comforting to see a big, happy, healthy baby.
abby was SO excited to see the baby. i hope they become fast friends.
one secret i'll let you in on, ty LOVES newborns. i almost have to fight him over who gets to hold the baby first.

weekend pics

i know you were all desperately awaiting our pictures from this weekend. the wait is over. ps...my sister sarah is single if you know any non-psycho mormon guys.


i'm flunking

if the number of comments is a reflection on the quality of your posts, or amount of friends you have,not only am i failing blogging 101, but i obviously offended all of you readers out there. is it true? (fyi- this is just a scheme to get you to post, if you're smart you will keep to the status quo)

anyways, our weekend was filled with fun at my mom and dad's. the girls enjoyed every second of it and slept absolutely horribly at night, well, just abby. it's high time she was trained to sleep through the night, i think i'll do it this weekend. anyways, we had a great time with my sister sarah too and celebrated her birthday in high style. i'd post pictures, but she'd kill me.

my parents are in the "zone" diet, so i tried to make a zone birthday cake. yeah, it pretty much tasted like butt, and don't ask me how i know that. so we ended up making my mom's best chocolate chip cookie recipe and they rocked. and we played rummikub till i couldn't keep my eyes open. it was, in a word, awesome.

(and yes, bill and mel, we missed you guys too. would have been so fun to have you there. someday...someday)


over the river and through the woods

to grandmothers house we go. well, their second home in loa, utah. for my sisters birthday i am going solo with the girls (lucy and abby) to spend the weekend with my parents. poor ty, he has to spend the whole weekend hanging out with his friends and working on his truck. hope you all have a happy memorial day.

ps- trent and tara had their baby, yay! and after holding it, no baby hunger pains. hallelujah. i was a little scared for a while there.


all these babies

i am subbing some ballet classes for a teacher that isn't expecting for two weeks. surprise! she had her baby this morning, so i am running around like a headless chicken trying to get ready. and yet, i still have time to blog? hmmm.

it seems like everyone is having babies or pregnant right now. doesn't it? we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first leavitt niece/cousin, evelyn. she has been quite the tease and just doesn't seem to want to come yet. but when she does come, we are super excited to hug and squeeze her and then hand her back. : )

still sad I can't see my new nephew Matthew (or mafew as the girls call him). he is a lump of love that i am dying to hold. if i only had an extra 700 dollars. any takers? and my friend (and sister-in-laws sister, still don't know what that makes us) just had her baby at 35 weeks, just like abby, and he was so so so teeny tiny. and thank goodness he was healthy. can't wait to see him again.

and last but not least,i am trying to avoid the baby bug that is going around. even at our yard sale on saturday every other customer was pregnant...insane. and now at the grocery store i notice that all the 'stars' are pregnant too. but, i am fine. i have two beautiful little girls that run me ragged every day.

and the fact that i barf for an average of 20 weeks helps to keep my aspirations of maternity at bay. but for now, i am happy for everyone else enjoying the blessings of motherhood. happy monday.


speaking of myanmar....

the news has been alarmingly scary lately. lucy seems to know what's going on too. for example,yesterday...
lucy found a spare piece of cardboard (it's like gold to her) and asked to draw on it. i gave her the green light and proceeded to ignore her completely. she was talking to me about her drawing and in between the "blah blah blah, mom," i heard "you know, it's just like the thing that killed everyone." wait, WHAT? i look at her picture and she says, "this is the thing from Dorothy. what is it called?" OH, a tornado, is that what you meant? "YES! Will you draw the house for me mommy, and toto too?"

Here is our masterpiece.


cousin fun

my brother russ and family came to provo this weekend. jill's (sister in law) sister had her baby early and it was a fun surprise to get to see them. lucy and abby were in hog heaven playing with them and were sad to see them go, but we are definitely going to see them for Hot August Nights this year!


yard work

taking a break from our saturday yard work to write this. i hate, no double hate, yes triple hate, weeding. it sucks.

but i do love my roses, and talk to them every day coaxing them to grow strong and true. and there is nothing better than fresh cut grass. i wish we had more money to landscape the front of our house.

what do you enjoy/hate about yardwork?


it's a festivus miracle!

yesterday we received a long awaited letter. the construction management program at BYU accepted Ty. Wahoo! Thursday he meets with his counselor to plan out the rest of school until graduation. you heard me, someday he will graduate. i know,hard to believe. i am so excited for him. it's taken us a long time to get here!


like what?

while putting lucy's pj's on tonight she starts squishing my cheeks and laughing. ty laughed, i laughed, and then she turns to ty and says "mommy looks like a gerbil!"
not so funny anymore.


love you

just had to put a little two bits in about one of my role models. i have looked up to my sister danna since as long as i can remember.
from secretly playing with her makeup in her caboodle and waiting for her to drive home from college, i have always thought she was awesome.
she taught me about the magic that is barbra streissand, makeup, glen ivy hotsprings, the miracle of an eyebrow waxing, good books, patience, hard work,diligence,endurance and everything in between.

she is a great example to me. living with an autistic child isn't easy. living with two autistic children is a full time, 24 hour a day, 365 days a year for-your-entire-life job. and she handles it all in stride. her and guy (her husband) do an excellent job.

thanks for everything danna. you rock.
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