i'm flunking

if the number of comments is a reflection on the quality of your posts, or amount of friends you have,not only am i failing blogging 101, but i obviously offended all of you readers out there. is it true? (fyi- this is just a scheme to get you to post, if you're smart you will keep to the status quo)

anyways, our weekend was filled with fun at my mom and dad's. the girls enjoyed every second of it and slept absolutely horribly at night, well, just abby. it's high time she was trained to sleep through the night, i think i'll do it this weekend. anyways, we had a great time with my sister sarah too and celebrated her birthday in high style. i'd post pictures, but she'd kill me.

my parents are in the "zone" diet, so i tried to make a zone birthday cake. yeah, it pretty much tasted like butt, and don't ask me how i know that. so we ended up making my mom's best chocolate chip cookie recipe and they rocked. and we played rummikub till i couldn't keep my eyes open. it was, in a word, awesome.

(and yes, bill and mel, we missed you guys too. would have been so fun to have you there. someday...someday)


Becky J. said...

I love Annie and I love her posts! I'm sorry I've been a slacker commenter, but I do read every one of your posts on my RSS feed and they always make me laugh (well, the funny ones--I guess the serious ones make me serious? :D) So keep 'em coming!

Melanie said...

We're so glad you had a good weekend! :) It's too bad about that cake - we want to see the pictures! We'll keep you safe from Sarah! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know just what you mean. I hate it when I post something and it goes without a single comment. so here's my apology ;-) I will be better at commenting because I would be really bummed if you decided to quit posting simply due to lack of commenter quality. Nice try with the cake. You're better than me because I would have said, "zone this" and made a devils chocolate cake!!!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Don't worry.....tons of my posts don't get a single comment, but then people always tell me they read my blog & when I installed site meter for a while I saw that people actually were.....and I'm guilty as charged of not commenting on other people blogs so I guess I deserve my own medicine, but as you are always so good to comment on mine, I'm going to do better at commenting on yours, because I love your blog!

Katie M said...

Totally know what you mean about comments. But even if you didn't write that intro, I still would have commented that I freaking LOVE Rummikub!! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

One of the best parts of the weekend with Annie and Sarah was to once again experience that you can have just as much fun when your children are older as you did playing with them when they were younger. Jim and I even played Rummikub after they left and Sarah is here in Logandale this weekend. Rather than turning on the boob tube, we played Rummikub last night after Stake Conference. Great to still have good friends. Love, Mom

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