in the meantime

lots to fill you all in on, but for now you're going to have to be happy looking at my roses. the bouquet on our table is constantly changing and don't know about you, but fresh flowers+me=happiness.

how excited was lucy to see the first one?


just keep swimming

where on earth can you get 2 weeks of swimming lessons for $30? if your answer was, 'utah' you were correct.
lucy officially passed the crab class although she hasn't mastered:
" combining arm and leg action" (that sounds pretty important yah?) and
"open eyes under water, pick up submerged object"

so what? who cares? her teacher said she was the best listener in class. who's the happy mommy now?

and the funniest moment of swim lessons? lucy losing her grip on the wall and pulling the girl next to her under by her hair. we shouldn't have, but ty and i just watched and laughed.

right now i am currently listening to abby refuse, for the second day in a row, to take her afternoon nap. she talks, and jabs, and yells, and screeches and gets her leg stuck in the crib and yells "stug!".

this is why i am blogging right now, to hold myself back from eating our entire snack cupboard. my complete faith in motherhood is held in the tiny cradle of every afternoon nap, my peace, my solace, my sanity. when they don't nap, let's just say it's not a pretty picture.

to make sure she sleeps we rode our bikes around the block in stinkin' heat weather to wear her out. of course lucy is asleep; thank goodness for that. i'm going craaaazy.


quote of the day

"it smells like a skunk eating a rotten egg."

lucy describing the constant sewer smell in provo.


the tale of our snail

found a snail on our morning jog this morning. who knew what entertainment one tiny little creature could hold? he bubbles on lucy and hides in his shell when she pokes his eyes. he slimes his way up our stroller and onto abby's blanky (have to wash that). he 'waited' for lucy during her swim lessons and now lucy has been giggling with him and feeding him and following him for over an hour on our porch. this is the typical morning of our lucy.

do i feel bad that he's probably going to die from torture? no, i don't particularly care for snails and they're bad for gardens.


this is how smart we is

You are not going to believe what Ty and I did last night. He finished up his finals with an 85 in biology and an A in geology, so we were pretty stoked. I set up our babysitter and planned to take him to see Chronicles of Narnia. We got there and the last showing was at 5, so hmmm...what to see. Ty was on the phone with Jed at the moment while i was in a quandary and the little pimpled guy behind the glass kept getting more and more impatient looking. Seeing as ty and i never read reviews or anything we didn't really know what any of the movies were like, we thought about indiana jones 4 again, but opted to see the new M. Night Shymalan movie. We are big fans of 'most' of his work and liked the previews we saw on tv. We didn't know, or have any clue, and sat through the most horrific, terribly, horribly excruciatingly sick movie i have ever seen.I couldn't believe how disturbing it was, I watched 90 percent of it through ty's armpit.

my first instinct after about 5 minutes was to leave. why watch more? but i wanted it to end on a nice happy sound of music note so i wouldn't be scarred for life. 2 hours later, it didn't resolve at all, it just got worse and worse.

I come home and get on rottentomatoes.com (thanks mel). Well, lo and behold, it was so creepy because it was R rated for disturbing images, duh. we were so sad. not only had we contributed to a movie's box office sales that was so twisted, but even stupid enough to sit through the whole thing. I really feel gross inside. we are never watching another one of his movies again.

needless to say, i am ashamed and now you all my dirty secret. we did rent 'dan in real life' on our way home to end on a happy note, and it hit the spot.


nursery already?

for father's day i took abby to the last hour of church with me as a present for ty. he usually keeps her while i teach. well, turns out it was a fabulous idea because the young women were helping out with the nursery (18 month-3 year olds) and decided to tote abby along with them. hey, she only has 3 more weeks anyways.

i was really taken aback at how weird it was to know she was having fun and playing in big, grown up nursery. after picking her up she was so proud to show me her 'craft' that she made and held on to it pretty tight all the way home. can she really almost be 18 months old?


lucy's letter games

lucy likes letters. she draws 'l' in the air and 'w' in sidewalk chalk on the ground. she bites her pretzels just to make the letter 'm' and gets excited when it accidentally makes an 'a'. i thought this was cute and imaginative. today she used her letter knowledge in a way i don't like.

you see we have this rule, if she tells me "no", she gets to sit in time out (3 1/2 minutes now:). so today, i say, "lucy, time to get on the potty."
standing with my hands on my hips i ask, "what did you just say?"
"mo, mo mo!" she yells as she smiles defiantly. because, "mo" isn't "no." oh so she thinks.

i didn't put her in time out. i just laughed.



i have a new personal goal but don't know whether or not to share it. because, you see, i am confused about this blog. i share photos of my kids and their stories for all the fam, and then i share all my embarrassing confessions about myself. is it my blog or theirs? where do you draw the line? (that was a real question, by the way, i want to know). i'm sure we can share the space, but i always want to mix it up and know that all of you have the same dilemma and seem to handle it flawlessly in your posts.

my life long goals that i am making public:
learn to speak another language (or at least master my broken spanish)
learn to play the guitar
learn to sew clothes, quilts and other what nots
travel to each continent
learn how to stay organized
master my cravings for food
and a million other ones...

another confession: my cousin's wife jess made admitted that she watched the entire gillmore girls seasons from start to finish recently. my secret is that every day during my 2nd pregnancy i watched judging amy on tbs during lucy's nap time. i still can't believe i wasted that much time.


a year of school

ty is my hero. he made it our first year here in provo with all these byu students and so far he has only thrown one text book. that, my friends, is a small miracle. i'm so proud of how well he has adjusted (even though we still here the muffled comments about this so and so teacher and the kid who wears a man purse everyday to class.)
we have enjoyed this small window of school. we only have about 2 more.

some of the lows of living in provo:
missing our families
missing our friends
missing the pioneer theater
missing the blissful winter days
missing the cool summer nights
missing the inside scoop
missing the fair
missing all the gossip (i guess that's just me)
missing our ward
missing everything there pretty much

some of the highs of living in provo:
can you say dollar movie theater?
parks, parks and more parks
byu baseball games, football games and such
temple is 3 minutes down the street
free and student discount stuff galore
provo city library
i can hit up costco and target and be home in only an hour
byu student health center $10 copay (yes)
bicycle rides
running trails
the gym down the street
the best summer days
our ward


friend or foe?

our recent addition to our family is a new printer/scanner/copier. we had to buy new ink, and for 40 dollars more, we splurged and got a new printer. hey, stimulating the economy right? well, i've been trying to figure it out and having a fun time ( hardy har har). just wait for some posts i have brewing up in my mind.

but for now, i think, is it really worth posting these old pictures up where we all have neon shirts and slouched socks? i think yes.
me and jolene adams, 5th grade jessie beck elementary.



we had some friends over for dinner tonight and lucy confessed this:

" i like butter..."
"sometimes, i eat butter with no food on it."

we all laughed to tears.

leavitt blood

this picture of my niece evelyn made me think of my babies. can you see a resemblance between her and abby?


lucy said this...

recently lucy has been making some interesting statements about our family. this morning she told me that i am abby's mommy and ty is her daddy. i guess our family is segregated now. she also told ty yesterday that, "sometimes mommy's mean to me." woops. some other favorites are...

"mommy, you're not listening again"
"this house is a mess"
"there are too many crunchies in my seat (meaning leftover, dried up, scraps of food)
"are you happy yet mommy?"
"abby's still poopy mommy"
"you said we would do (this) after we did (that) and we haven't yet."
"this food is cold"
"the water in the tub is too hot"
"mommy, you're not listening again"

i guess as long as i'm still trying is all that counts right?

oh, and thanks for the input on the hair. we'll see how the upkeep is.


so, this is me with bangs

what's your vote? so far it's a nay for ty, but a yay from my ballet students. granted, they are all about 14-16 years old. i need your input!

and fyi, i haven't had bangs since 1989.


girls girls girls

here are the photos from our visit with renee. so fun. wish we would have had a camera saturday morning after our run! we both wore each other out eh? ( i can say eh because i spent a few consecutive hours with a Canadian, you can't)

it took the girls about 30 seconds to start playing dress ups

and steph,i hope these photos are as cruel to look at as it is for me to see your new york trip! : )
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