we had some friends over for dinner tonight and lucy confessed this:

" i like butter..."
"sometimes, i eat butter with no food on it."

we all laughed to tears.


Melanie said...

I showed Billy the post about things Lucy said, and we've been repeating them to each other all weekend! She is too smart for her own good! :)

Camrin said...

Isn't it fun having little kids around to make your day. I know everyday is a new adventure. I totally love all the random things they come up with.
Oh yeah, I like your hair cut. It is very cute.
I have really enjoyed reading your family blog.
Do you by chance have Chandra's email address? She left a comment on my blog about going private and wanted me to email her but, and then she didn't leave me her email. Maybe she will see this comment on your blog and respond too. Thanks, Camrin

Camrin said...

oh yeah my email is:
Thanks again. :)

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