lucy's letter games

lucy likes letters. she draws 'l' in the air and 'w' in sidewalk chalk on the ground. she bites her pretzels just to make the letter 'm' and gets excited when it accidentally makes an 'a'. i thought this was cute and imaginative. today she used her letter knowledge in a way i don't like.

you see we have this rule, if she tells me "no", she gets to sit in time out (3 1/2 minutes now:). so today, i say, "lucy, time to get on the potty."
standing with my hands on my hips i ask, "what did you just say?"
"mo, mo mo!" she yells as she smiles defiantly. because, "mo" isn't "no." oh so she thinks.

i didn't put her in time out. i just laughed.


Camrin said...

Man, you have a smart little girl. I think I would have just laughed as well. :)

Becky J. said...

What a clever girl! And you're such a good mama. But how can you get mad at them when they're so darn clever and cute?!

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