this is how smart we is

You are not going to believe what Ty and I did last night. He finished up his finals with an 85 in biology and an A in geology, so we were pretty stoked. I set up our babysitter and planned to take him to see Chronicles of Narnia. We got there and the last showing was at 5, so hmmm...what to see. Ty was on the phone with Jed at the moment while i was in a quandary and the little pimpled guy behind the glass kept getting more and more impatient looking. Seeing as ty and i never read reviews or anything we didn't really know what any of the movies were like, we thought about indiana jones 4 again, but opted to see the new M. Night Shymalan movie. We are big fans of 'most' of his work and liked the previews we saw on tv. We didn't know, or have any clue, and sat through the most horrific, terribly, horribly excruciatingly sick movie i have ever seen.I couldn't believe how disturbing it was, I watched 90 percent of it through ty's armpit.

my first instinct after about 5 minutes was to leave. why watch more? but i wanted it to end on a nice happy sound of music note so i wouldn't be scarred for life. 2 hours later, it didn't resolve at all, it just got worse and worse.

I come home and get on (thanks mel). Well, lo and behold, it was so creepy because it was R rated for disturbing images, duh. we were so sad. not only had we contributed to a movie's box office sales that was so twisted, but even stupid enough to sit through the whole thing. I really feel gross inside. we are never watching another one of his movies again.

needless to say, i am ashamed and now you all my dirty secret. we did rent 'dan in real life' on our way home to end on a happy note, and it hit the spot.


Becky J. said...

I'm so sorry! We read there were lots of rotten reviews for this movie so even if it hadn't been rated R, I think we would've skipped it anyway. I agree, I don't know if I'll see any of his movies again. I think he hit his peak and he's way on the decline now. And we also loved "Dan In Real Life"!

Melanie said...

Billy told us what happened. I'm so sorry! Ugh. Why do these guys all sell out and go do such inappropriate, unnecessary things, just to make a buck?! Hope you haven't had any bad dreams. :)

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