excited for fall

yesterday i realized that this week is august. it was sad to think i have yet to accomplish one goal i had for the summer and only made a few car trips with the girls before pooping out on socializing all together. i am just tired.

but i started to get excited for fall! already i know, it's weird. i love summer, but there is something about fall that makes it my favorite season. maybe because my kids don't wake up at the crack of dawn with the sun like during summer. yuck. i finally put a gate up in front of lucy's door and told her, "if mommy's not up, you play in your room and wait." it actually worked too, i got to sleep in till 7am folks.

in other news, we are excited for fall because Grandpa Leavitt planted pumpkins and the girls are very very anxious to see them grow. every week we talk to them and get updates on how tall they are, etc. lucy is pleased as punch. pictures are here...


picture post

i liked this from a friends blog. you should try it too. yes, you should.
Directions: type in the search word and only pick from the first page of image results. i can't wait to see yours. hint hint.
first name
last name
city born in
past love
favorite animal
favorite object
favorite city
favorite food
favorite color
bad habit
first job
future job
place i want to visit
my age


beating the duldrums

were you wondering what the girls do every afternoon before dinner? well, here you go. i'll warn you though, this is not for the faint at heart. we can get a little craaazy.
ps- don't you just love ty throwing his baseball in the background. he's isn't even phased by the girls' moves.

pps- if you listen closely you can hear abby speaking her ewok language.


eat baby eat

i can't believe i forgot to update everyone on abby's growing progress! after 6 months of expensive pediasure in her sippy cups, she jumped from the 3rd percentile for height and weight to the 5th. You heard me, the 5th! This is great news as she is a little lima bean that won't grow. We've stopped the pediasure and now put tons of butter on her vegetables and basically let her eat whenever she wants (i get a little nervous for her adulthood habits but, oh well). she still isn't 20 pounds yet, 19lbs 9oz and 30", but she'll get there. now if we could just get her teeth to come in faster. i am so tired of cutting up ALL of her food.


getting in that workout

still working on getting in shape after baby#2. i finally realized that for the rest of my life, the large part of my free time (ha, like there really is any) will be working out. i'm just glad that now i have my sister to accompany me; it was oh so lonesome exercising alone after lucy. i know all you out there have physical goals too, how do you reach them? is it me or does it just seem so hopeless sometimes? getting the energy to get out there is the hardest part for me. after that i enjoy it...mostly. but i run slow, my exercise clothes don't match and i'm the whitest person at the gym every single time. keeping it a priority is, and always has been, very important to me. i'm just actually working on it now. i will say that my head is clear when i work out, and the girls notice every day. lucy asked me "why do you go work out?" i told her, "because it keeps mommy happy". and it does.
but it's hard to find a balance for me. because every time i think of 'getting in shape' i can't get these body images out of my head.
dang you ballet training. you've ruined me forever.


glamorization my friends

i'm so glad Newsweek addressed this. saw the cover for the magazine at barnes and noble and almost pooped my pants. what do you think? You can read the article here.


too much estrogen

something about the yearly all-star game and home run derby reminds me that ty is the lone male in this family. we wouldn't ever trade our girls; but it makes me wonder if he'll ever have a cohort for the couch.


a day at the beach

amidst the whirlwind of activity of baby blessings, car trips, car trips and more car trips, we finally made it to the beach with my sister in california (well, the girls and i did). i have more photos to post but these are the ones my sister took; too adorable to not blag about.

abby's muscles pose
cousin tyler

cousin dj's castle


drunk on drama

this is my parents tenth year attending the shakespearean festival in cedar city, utah every 4th of July holiday (sort of tradition now i guess). we missed it last year due to the move and happily accepted the invitation this time. i felt very spoiled leaving my kids for 3 hours at a time to see the taming of the shrew, two gentlemen from verona and othello. i forgot how much i love Shakespeare and how short my attention span is. the nice thing about reading the plays is you can take a break, whew, 3 1/2 hours of iago was a lot.

but cedar city is always fun. lovely weather, great pool, too much food. the highlight for the girls was swimming of course, and the parade on the 4th ( ty and i noticed in the fans that we didn't fit in due to our lack of mullets, tattoos and beer coolers.) but it was still fun.

how was yours?


you know you're tired when...

you push the unlock button on your keys to open the automatic sliding doors at the store. wow...that's a new one for me. hope i can survive this holiday weekend without falling asleep standing up.

happy 4th everyone.
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