glamorization my friends

i'm so glad Newsweek addressed this. saw the cover for the magazine at barnes and noble and almost pooped my pants. what do you think? You can read the article here.


Melanie said...

I wondered about that too. I don't care what the guy from the magazine says, kids are going to see this young, cute girl all happy and saying it's wonderful and then they'll decide they can do it too. They won't consider the reality of the situation. The can't appreciate how hard it is. 'Babies are cute and cuddly and it'll be fun and I'll be like her.' That's what they'll think.

I'm so glad my daughter is too young to understand.

Annie Leavitt said...

yes...they make the cover seem so easy. and they talk about how 'smart' she is, um...pregnant at 16? jeez. even if you are a brainiac motherhood sucks every brain cell out of you, and then top it off with nursing. yikes.

Danna Banana said...

What was up is now down. What was in is now out.
I think I'm finally clear that there is no standard moral compass in the world in media anymore. The media used to be classy. Now it has all been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.
Yay for us!

Trent & Tara said...

dude that is a good article. for reals you know how many girls will think...oh well that spears girl loved getting pregnant will i. the world is getting so crazy. the fact that she gets so much more famous for being irresponsible and getting pregnant young is a joke

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