too much estrogen

something about the yearly all-star game and home run derby reminds me that ty is the lone male in this family. we wouldn't ever trade our girls; but it makes me wonder if he'll ever have a cohort for the couch.


Austrie said...

i would have to say my dad knows exactly how ty feels. haha...and none of us even do volleyball to kinda even it out a little.

Katie M said...

I know how you feel. I'm praying that I have at least two sons so Cam can actually coach a little league team rather than get teary eyed when he watches the little league world series every year. you think i'm kidding!

I'm sitting here blogging and he's watching the all star game of course. He announced each name before the TV did...Yogi Berra, Willie Mays! Yelling it! hahahah. We need to get them together someday.

Becky J. said...

I've just started wondering the same exact thing. Poor Ty and Joseph. I hope they both get their boys one day (and that it's not just when their girls get married!)

And the beach pictures are darling! Totally blag-worthy!

Melanie said...


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