nyc anyone?

what do you do when your husband offers to take you to nyc for 48 hrs?
what do you do when he's pleading and says he'll work endless weekends just for the chance to see the 'house that ruth built?'
what do you do when he says he bribed his parents into watching you children for you?

i decided to relent and say yes. and so we went, we saw, we flew home.

here are some highlights of the trip that i am blagging about:

red sox winning the game at yankee stadium
sleeping in for two consecutive mornings
catching up with cameron and katie
walking through central park and hating myself for forgetting my running shoes
getting lost downtown and ending up in the fashion district. helllooo!
pretending like i'm smart enough to attend columbia university
taking a ballet class on broadway
finally eating greek yogurt.
view on top of empire state building
almost puking in a new york city cab (crazy)
wanting to take pictures of all the sweet yarmulkes/yamakas? i saw. seriously, a kid at the ballgame had a ny yankees one.
asking directions on the subway and realizing 90% of the people knew ny as well as i do. not very well i might add.
finally shopping at h&m

picture post to follow soon.


never say never

i've had a lot of family/friends having their first babies lately. it's been so neat to visit them in the hospital, hold their precious newborns and see how much time and affection they put into caring for them.

then i look at my own kids. scraggly hair, mismatched clothes, skinned up knees, messy rooms. where did i go wrong? i was lamenting this to my mother a few weeks ago. she asked me one question,
"annie, are your kids happy?"
"well, yeah I guess."
"then you are doing a great job"

my kids are insanely happy (unless they are tired, then it is a different story). but overall, as a mother, i too, am happy with where we are, and laugh when i catch myself doing lots of things i said i would NEVER do, or say things I said i would never say. for example:

i call tyson 'daddy'
i wipe their pacifiers off on my jeans
i watch them eat food off the floor and neglect to say anything (unless it's really gross)
i use the 'repeat play' option on baby einstein
we've gone to church without tights or socks on
lucy hair is only done about twice a week
"share or i take it away"
"stop picking your wedgie"
"leave your sister alone!"
"just because someone has darker skin doesn't mean they are black'"
"you have to wear pull ups at night until you stop having accidents"
"lucy, just leave me be for 5 seconds!"
"abby stay close"
"sit there, fold your arms and don't move"

there are so many others, but why bore you any more? have a great friday.


i'm going on a diet

i'm restricting myself to the internet for 20 minutes a day. why you might ask? because i spend it reading mindless dribble and blog stalking. unless some of you can refer me to some actually worthwhile sites, things have got to change around here.


unattainable cleanliness

one of my goals in life is to have home that is not only organized, but chic to boot.
to inspire me my new potterybarn magazine came today. (my endless fountain of ideas that i try to find at tjmax)
anyhoos...this office in the magazine caught my eye. great color, accents, organization etc.
don't get me wrong, i know there is no way on this green earth my house can look like this. i can tell you that i vacuum our 'high traffic' areas daily and pick up after our monkeys endlessly. but it never ends. there is always something stuck to something from breakfast and a toy that broke into a million pieces 'accidentally' in the ac duct.

but i still admire these perfectly coifed rooms. while perusing i finally noticed something i'd never caught before.

where are the cords/wires/plug ins? i know this isn't a real room, but one thing that really irks me are the cords under our computer desk. i've tried to wrap them up, tuck them away, tape them even, to no avail. i wish there were some 'computer cord caddy' like the one's i've seen for garden hoses at home depot; some cute spatoon or something.

what do you do with your cords?


movie snack

i can't believe i forgot to post about this.
tyson and i went to the movies over a month ago and saw the most interesting thing. a lady (a quite large lady, i might add) was saving a seat for her friend when we were looking for ours. we find some seats directly behind her and sit down. as soon as the previews start she takes out her little ziploc baggie of snacks. thinking it would be candy (because ty and i bring our own sweets) i am surprised to smell a little bit of bacon grease. that's right, the lady brought bacon for a movie snack.


for our pool someday...

you have to see the video on this website. they can teach your baby how to survive in the water as early as 6 months. definitely worth it to me.


hate me if you want, but...

my sister and i split the cost of buying breaking dawn last night and i ended up with it first. i actually wasn't that interested in reading the 4th book, but i wanted my opinion to change of stephanie meyer. right now, i don't think very highly of her as an author. i started reading today and she could only wait one chapter before someone is sucking face. maybe, when i finish the book, she will have redeemed herself and i will take off this post.

but for now, this fellow blogger put my thoughts onto paper perfectly. please read and put in your two bits:

"And I'm saddened by what people will read in order to get a quick buzz out of literature. No thinking, analysis, introspection, or even grammar to worry about. Just a sexy, recast Victorian novel... Because it's got vampires...but it's safe vampires. Because there's no (overt) sexuality, no (explicit) nudity, no (really) naughty words, no meaning... just safe entertainment.

Meyer is content with--and perhaps succeeds in--titillating her readers with action, overly gorgeous characters, and superficial, safely non-sexual foreplay at the expense of character development, depth, and good writing."

i know all of you really love them, ( i did for a small period too). and i do think it's great that these are getting lots of girls to read books at all. but the author herself summed up these books in her own writing, " sex was the key all along..." (p 111). and let's face it, sex sells.

i hope you aren't offended if you are an avid fan, this is just my nerdy opinion.


happy campers

we finally did it. it only took till august but we made our annual camping trip. the whole time packing i kept thinking, is this worth it? is this really worth it? but let me tell you, the scenery alone was absolutely, positively, no doubt about it worth it. now, camping with 1 year old and a 3 year old, not as relaxing as i remembered.

the highs:
the uintas
our awesome, private camp site with no mosquitos
lucy's excitement over everything
my new coleman stove stand (love it love it love it)
watching ty play with the girls in the stream
teaching lucy how to fish
reminding her how freagin' good smores are
ty letting me take a half hour nap during the day
knowing that my kids love to camp like me
lucy sleeping for 15 hours straight the following night

the lows:
sharing a 2 man tent with my kids
abby falling every other second and then putting her hands in her mouth
getting 10 1/2 minutes of sleep
only getting to stay one night
getting to sit down for 1 hour the whole weekend
taking care of the girls after their marshmallow highs


lucy, please don't talk about...

ok- this post is a little graphic- readers, you are warned. since we went to california abby has been a little loose (if you know what i mean), ok, a lot loose. so after 2 1/2 weeks we took her to the doctor. no prognosis, just a request to, um, collect some samples for 3 days in a row.
ew. ew. ew. these are things us mothers have to do that NO ONE warns you about. needless to say, lucy was quite fascinated with the whole process and loved going to the 'lab' everyday for our drop-off.
today was our last day, phew! i decided to stop by the pharmacy to get my refills now. to save on gas of course. and they hand me my prescription in the same white bag that our, 'samples' were in. so, right in front of the pharmacist lucy yells,
" we have to put more poop in a cup???" "i thought we were done?".
i immediately shushed her and told her not to talk about that 'stuff' in public. how embarrassing. thank goodness we were the only ones there at the moment. i just died.

happy friday everyone.
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