happy campers

we finally did it. it only took till august but we made our annual camping trip. the whole time packing i kept thinking, is this worth it? is this really worth it? but let me tell you, the scenery alone was absolutely, positively, no doubt about it worth it. now, camping with 1 year old and a 3 year old, not as relaxing as i remembered.

the highs:
the uintas
our awesome, private camp site with no mosquitos
lucy's excitement over everything
my new coleman stove stand (love it love it love it)
watching ty play with the girls in the stream
teaching lucy how to fish
reminding her how freagin' good smores are
ty letting me take a half hour nap during the day
knowing that my kids love to camp like me
lucy sleeping for 15 hours straight the following night

the lows:
sharing a 2 man tent with my kids
abby falling every other second and then putting her hands in her mouth
getting 10 1/2 minutes of sleep
only getting to stay one night
getting to sit down for 1 hour the whole weekend
taking care of the girls after their marshmallow highs


Chandra said...

I used to love camping...until I had kids! Okay, I still love it but it is much more work with kids.

Melanie said...

I remember when Billy took the kids overnight about 6 weeks ago - he said he never stopped working (or sweating) the entire time he was there! :) But think of the memories you're creating. Soon they'll be old enough to remember it and you'll be so glad you did it. :)

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