today is tyson's twenty seventh birthday. we are getting old, i know. ty and i were laughing about what i bought for him for his 17th birthday: a santa cruz hat and NOFX cd. we listened to it the other day,reminiscing, and oh my gosh, i can't believe i have any brain cells left.

in other news, we had a great birthday breakfast. i love birthday breakfasts and make them for everyone in the family. hmm, i never seem to get one for me though? anyways, the event was little marred by the fact that abby couldn't move her left arm.

during sesame street lucy tried to "pull her up on the couch" and gave her nursemaid elbow? i've never heard of it, but it seriously was like her arm was paralyzed. a quick trip to urgent care after breakfast, and two doctor's to pop it back in place, and we were good to go. she's still napping.

anways, today is for my hubby. 10 years and i still kind of like him : ).
ps: all he wanted for his birthday was a ken griffey jr. rookie card. i love that i married a 9 year old.


cool hand luke

if you only knew paul newman for his salad dressing, well, just read this

somehow hollywood doesn't seem as glamorous now that he's gone.



some of my goals as a 'housewife' are to #1, not have the 'ellen' show be the highlight of my day (really, there's an ad saying that it is the 'best' part of your day) and #2 keep extending myself by serving, fund raising, reading good novels, keep up on the news, learn to play the guitar (tell ty i still want one for christmas please) etc. etc.

so, i've been wanting to run a marathon too. don't ask me why, because i specifically remember telling tara sandoval, "i am never, ever, ever doing a whole". here i am, signed up to run the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. and on our anniversary to boot.

seriously, what was i thinking? i tell you what i thought:
"it's for a good cause"
"i'll be glad to do it before we have #3" (no, not an announcement)
"the girls can come watch and i'll be a good example"

now i'm thinking:
"holy crap"
"I have to train through the winter"
"is there enough vaseline for 26 miles?"
"i can't do this"

but it really is for a good cause. i'll talk about that more later.



note to self: don't answer cell phone when 3 year old is on potty. because maybe, just maybe, your 1 yr old toddler will walk in and decide to grab whatever is in there and walk around with it, saying, "poop", "pooooop".

oh my gosh. i don't think there's enough soap in the world to make me comfortable in our home again.


quote of the day

"mom, does ariel wear panties when she's under the sea?"
pause... pause...
"'mmm, i don't think that she does"


lucy memory

one of my favorite mommy moments:

in 2007, while on bedrest with abigail i hear lucy whining in her bedroom. "help...mom...help". the beached whale that i was, rolled my self off the couch to save her from her woes and this is what i found.
here's a little tip lucy: a 3-6month swimsuit is not going to fit on a two year old. but i guess you can always find that out the hard way.

i wish i could freeze my kids right now, at this age, and hold and cuddle them forever. for now i'll just sneak in as many kisses as i can and embrace the reality of growing up.



whew. sorry for the long rant. in other news, lucy started preschool last week. actually it's called "alphabet preschool" and is run like joy school.

remember good ol' joy school? anyhoos, she loves it and today was the letter C. "Capital C, mom" she reminds me.

all day today in the car:

"C, kah kah kah car"
"C, kah kah kah cat"
"C, kah kah kah dressing"
"C, kah kah kah baby"

hmmm...maybe we should look into a real preschool for next year. what alphabet is she learning?

does it ever end?

my friend visited with me the other night and shared this tid bit. she said "i was all by myself, late at night, folding laundry while watching a movie (chick flick of course) and i looked around at all of the piles of laundry for each person of our house. i thought, this is it. this is my life for a long, long time. and i'm ok with it now."

wow. i've heard the same thing from my sister-in-law jill. the acceptance at a certain point in your marriage/child rearing/working/church calling/staying sane/looking for work/worrying about a recession/do i have enough food storage?/when should we have kids? part of life. wherever that may be for you. how do you do it?

i can't understand right now what it's like to not have children, but then, i can't imagine what it's like to have your children grown and blaming you for all of their problems in life. or sucking your life savings dry with college tuition and downpayments.

somedays it seems like the grocery list never ends. somedays i find myself sighing when the girls finish off the last of the eggs or bread. "gone again?" i think. the laundry never stops. my floors need to be swept every 1/2 hour. i vacuum every day (seriously, every day but sunday) and there is always a lump of hair and dust in my dirt devil. and somehow we have a hair tie fairy that steals every good barrette,bow and elastic.

everyone has those days right? but what about the couple that has a hard time conceiving? or some that never even got the chance? what about the widows, and widowers, the orphans and foster kids and the families with special need children? the homeless, diseased and impoverished? what about the hurricane families, flooded, those with draught and famine?

who am i to complain about my completely padded, cushy, spoiled life? shame on me. i need to count my blessings and clam up.


the mouths of babes

quote of the day:
"I think I'm ready for a baby brother now."
Lucy after fighting with Abby over dolls.

quote of the month:
lucy: "I'm sad Heavenly Father sent me to our family."
me: "What family do you wish he sent you to?"
lucy:"I wish he would have sent me to Grandma and Grandpa's. They don't have as much rules and I can do what I want there. It's fun."


our little nacho

every sunday our little abigail transforms from nursery girl to what we like to call "our own nacho libre." we strip her down to eat a snack before naptime, but never quite take the tights off because her little bod is so funny in them! her huge tummy makes us laugh. hope you enjoy too.
more for your viewing pleasure
tyson found this snake on our walk home from church. entertained the girls for 2 hours after naps. yes.
our baby?



shop it to me
somehow i found this website. i don't know if a friend referred me or what, but i thought, hey i'll give it a go. here's the deal, you pick your favorite retailers/brands you would like to know are having a sale. give them your shoe size, pant/dress/blouse size too and your in. the automatically email you of clothing that is not only on sale, but in your size too!

somehow i thought that i could look at all the sales and not be tempted. somehow i thought that looking at all my dream brands (chanel, prada, yves saint laurent) would be fun. ha.

since becoming a mom i love to 'window shop' but do almost all my serious clothing shopping purchases online. can you say free shipping and returns and no stroller bumping into absolutely every rack in the joint? i bet you can.

this is the biggest temptation right now, i have to limit when it emails me because i am dying over here! but hey, if you have enough shekels to buy clothes, this is so awesome


pesky pests

our family has been lucky enough to have plenty of fresh fruit in our house this summer/fall. is it fall yet? anyways, this might be because we 1. love fruit, 2. i'm trying to avoid 'sugar' so i stuff my face with peaches and grapes and 2. costco is 8.5 minutes away.
so, completely, spoiled right now.
so what happens when we have fruit and my kids leave our screen door open 24/7? fruit flies. those pesky pests. i HATE them. loathe them, wish they never existed. mosquitoes are lower down in my "things i hate list" merely because there is such a thing as bug repellant.
well, worry no more if you have fruit flies. i have found a (most gratifying) way of ridding our house of them every night.

Step 1: before bed, lay foil on cookie sheet
Step 2: place sliced up fruit on foil (bananas are the best, but anything will do)
Step 3: place cookie sheet in oven with door open
Step 4: get all other fruit into the fridge or into another room, and go to bed (you might want to put your house plants outside too, sometimes they live in there)
Step 5: wake up, walk slowly, ever so slowly, into your kitchen. now, slam the oven door shut as fast as possible and broil for a good 10 minutes.
voila, you have successfully fried up all the fruit flies in your house. repeat as necessary.

ps: i love seeing there little burnt corpses as i roll up the tin foil. tmi?


our fam in 5

my friend lyndi tagged me from her blog. seeing as i post random things about myself a lot, this one is about 5 random things from our family this past week.

1. abby has asked to 'sit' on the potty two times.
2. the girls are sleeping in till 7:30-8:00 since grandma's house (hip hip hooray). i get so excited to hear my alarm clock wake me up instead of lucy's face in mine. "can i have some apple juice now?" "Is it too early?" "I want to watch sesame street"
3. ty moved the truck out of the garage. the bonus? i get to put my two strollers, bike, bike trailer, lawn mower and chairs back into the garage. you can come sit on our porch and chat any time now.
4. i forced ty to watch 2 Weeks Notice and laughed at how much he was laughing
5. someone tooted at the dinner table last night. that's right, i said it, sometimes people toot at our dinner table. i'm not naming names, but abby thought it was absolutely hilarious. she's just chuckling away, which makes the rest of us laugh too. i asked her "abby, what are you laughing at?" she replies, "poop."

ps: every monday night, 1,050 FHE groups go to kiwanis park. this week i watched as a ward walked by our house:
the social, uber cute 18 year old girls mucking it up with the 'old' return missionary guys.
some dorky guys walking goofy and laughing at each other while tossing a frisbee.
a cluster of girls in the middle and a few stragglers walking all by their lonesomes.
i don't miss college.


nyc pictures

the entire reason for the trip. they are tearing down yankee stadium this fall.
our seats. the best part? the 4 old new yorkers in front of us arguing with boston fans. "listen kid, i was there at the mets game when Buckner lawst that bawl" yes.
yankee stadium. watch out, this is pretty close up. did i mention we accidentally took the express train home and missed our stop?
empire state building was totally worth $20 bucks a pop.
columbia's low library
our hotel- the morningside inn. it was clean and cheap.
our view from our hotel room was gorgeous.
cameron and katie were kind enough to show us around upper west side and treat us to grom? gelato. i highly recommend the pistachio
i finally took a class at broadway dance center. teacher was ok- old jewish guy in his 60's on the barre next to me=priceless.
LDS temple on broadway was amazing. my grandfather attended church here in the 1930's while getting his masters at NYU
our hotel's subway stop
times square was fun to see again. but no desire to go back. tourists, tourists, tourists.
the seinfeld restaurant was 3 blocks from our hotel. we couldn't resist eating some greasy, cheap food there.
speaking of seinfeld, what new york trip is complete without a black and white cookie?
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