note to self: don't answer cell phone when 3 year old is on potty. because maybe, just maybe, your 1 yr old toddler will walk in and decide to grab whatever is in there and walk around with it, saying, "poop", "pooooop".

oh my gosh. i don't think there's enough soap in the world to make me comfortable in our home again.


Bonnie Walker said...

I love that we live such similar lives! I always have my bathroom door shut or David comes in wet. It is disgusting! David was born around 11 am but I'm sure I was awake and miserable when you were in the hospital delivering! I was in Vegas by 6am. It really is funny. I remember seeing you at McDonalds in Overton and thinking that I looked like an elephant next to you. Who would have thought that you would have your baby first.

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness! :) I hope you managed to get it all clean and comfortable again!

Your girls sure keep you on your toes! :)

Carrie said...

That's so cool that you sat by Josh Groban at a Dodger's game! I had never heard that story before. IT sounds like he's a really nice guy, too. It's always nice when someone that you admire so much for their talent turns out to be a good person, too.

Audrey said...

That is so gross. But at least she wasn't eating it. I have a good story about that! Oh, the things children do.

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