pumpkin time

remember those pumpkin seeds we planted? well, wouldn't you know it, they grew. i have to admit i was surprised how well they did.
the girls had a great time picking the "perfect" one.

i'm guessing this one's heavyty picked cousin evelyn's 'baby punkin'
lucy was so very proud of hers

thanks grandpa leavitt for getting up every morning and watering them for us! lucy said you should do it next year too...hint hint.



right now I have my big sis from sunny california visiting us!

anyways, they'll be a mega picture post to follow but for now i've noticed a few things about my life at home:

when you have toddlers you go to the potty with the door open; not so polite when other people are in the house : )

when toddlers are in the house it takes 4 hours to get out the door; when they have a new audience to entertain, it takes 6 hours.

that's all for now, i'm sure i'll have more revelations by the end of the week.


camp life

finally scanned in our photos from one of our camping trips to the Uintas this year.


sticker IQ

over the years husband and i have developed what we like to call "bumper sticker IQ" (i'm not even going to get into crazy personalized plates). we basically decided that certain stickers have certain points attached to them. but here's the kicker, the more points, the lower your IQ (hey, this is all for fun). i'd say, if you have more than one that counts, you have plenty of time to remove the most offending stickers before i run into you again.

These stickers don't count:
save tahoe
save fenway
ron paul
proud parent of an autistic child (woot woot danna!)
honor roll
sticky families (for now i'd say they are still neutral)

These ones do:
calvin peeing or pooping on anything
calvin praying at a gravesite
"strippling warriors"
"i'd rather be scrapping/shopping/quilting" (sports ones are exempt : )
"go to my scrap/sticker/business.com"
"mean people suck" (i wish i still saw that one around)
"lost your cat? look under my tires"
"my kid can beat up your honor roll student"
"nice people scare me"
"you looked better on myspace"
"who are these kids and why do they keep calling me mom?"
"bad a&* boys drive bad a*% toys"
"keep honking, i'm reloading"
"what if the hokey pokey IS what it's all about?"
"what would gandolf do?"
"ditch the ____, let's go hunting" (i think that one is 100 points)

for some reason, the really good ones i've forgotten. what are your favorites?


what's yo name?

parents be warned at what you name your child. this is a real case in New Zealand:

Court orders name change
Taranaki Daily News | Thursday, 24 July 2008
Some parents have been branded abusers because of the bizarre names of their children.
Family Court Judge Rob Murfitt stated his concerns in a written decision after a custody hearing in New Plymouth revealed a couple had named their child Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.
He was so disturbed at the effect on the nine-year-old that he ordered her temporarily placed under court guardianship so a suitable name could be chosen.
"It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap," he said.
The girl, who had not had her birth officially registered in NZ, had not revealed her name to her friends.

Yes, giving you child a crazy name or some spelling you make up could give them a "social disability or handicap". my favorites from growing up? Ofer Shmucker and Freddy Krueger.

missing fall

the streets here are lined with orange, yellow and red leaves right now. taking the girls for walks and hearing the crunch, crunch, crunch and smell of fall. real fall, as in:
the air is crisp, the leaves change colors and fall.

(that was lucy's epiphany this year also, it's called fall because the leaves fall)

anyways, it reminds me of my childhood in reno. the temperature, the neighborhoods, bike rides. all of it makes me miss childhood.
it makes me add lots of soups and stews to our weekly menu.
it makes me want to have these kinds of autumns for forever.
somehow southern nevada falls just can't compare to what we have here up by the mountains.


no really, bedtime is at 6:30

people never believe ty or me when we talk about our kids schedules. the topic often comes up because 6:30pm sounds like an insanely early time for kids to go to bed. well, this is by far the earliest lucy has ever gone to sleep (except abby who seems to be ready by 6 for a year now). lucy's time has varied, the latest ever being 8:30, and that is the absolute latest she has gone to sleep (except for some various holidays and weekends) for 3 years.

i read this book when lucy was 10 months and i was at my wits end (literally) and it has saved us. whenever a close friend has a baby shower i ask ty the end all question, "what should we get them, clothes or The Book?" His reply has always been "The Book". now, don't be offended if i didn't give you The Book, if i sense there is no interest in schedules, i will not push this stuff on you.

i know a scheduled life is not for every mom, but it works for us, and that is all that matters. it does take a lot preparation and work, and sucky sacrifice to miss social stuff. but i have to have their scheudles. people thought we were crazy when lucy was going to bed at 7, and now it's even earlier. but somehow this early bedtime is working, and, i hope i'm not jinxing this, they are now sleeping in till 7am. i know, a little small miracle for my mornings.

i am addicted to schedules, schedules are my sanity.
here is ours right now:
when i get back from exercising the flab, one or two of the girls is up watching curious george. (lucy now knows how to turn on the boob tube)
Abby's first nap
lucy and i are supposed to play during this time but i usually do the dishes and get my self presentable (i'm working on giving her more one on one time)
lucy's snack time. she always comes in, she can't tell time, but her tummy is ready at 10
Naptime (it varies from 11/2 to 3 hours depending on day) my favorite time of day, read, read, blog, read, surf internet, and of course, nap.
afternoon playtime:
another snack of course and this is when i try to squeeze in playtime/errand/cleaning/making up house/cooking dinner time.
Dinner time
bath time
we have brushed teeth, dressed for bed, read our 3 books, BOM and prayers (sometimes :)

and then what? oh, my hubby and i have 4+ hours of alone time. that's right, you heard me, a l o n e. he usually has 8 tons of homework and i clean, read, and watch tv. but we still are in the same building at least right? the rest of my free time is washing our stinkin' dishes by hand and trying to keep up on laundry. thus, this is my life.


long birthday post

well...we survived. even without the gingerbread house the party turned out ok. they came, they played, they ate. uncle trent's pinata was the best part of the night. and the kids loves watching the soda pop witch's brew bubble.

oh, did i mention my baby is four? when on earth did that happen?

witch's brew
lucy (is a long-sleeved tinkerbell) and her friends (how cute does evelyn look?)
it was a costume party, and i was the only adult to dress up. nice.
we ended up with a "candy corn cake", yes, my yellow is old and it only took me two years to figure it out.
why so many pictures of the cupcakes? because they took so friggin long i have to immortalize them somehow.
the girls with grandma leavitt- what a lifesaver to have them there. they took the girls for 2 hours pre-party so i could make our house presentable. video


birthday prep

tomorrow is lucy's 4th birthday and i am running around the house like a crazy chicken.

it is always a long debate about what her 'theme' is going to be. so far we've had teddy bears, Dora, butterflies, and this year...halloween. i'm excited because it's something different but this darn wilton house that she wants is sold out everywhere. help!

i'm planning on calling every store today tracking one down. crap, i hope i find one otherwise i'll be making one myself out of gingerbread. not excited about that.


wild swans

i've never posted a book review before but i just can't stop recommending this book to people. my enthusiasm might be because i finished it without having to renew it (that is rare these days), but i always love reading books like this. here are the reasons:

1. true stories hook me everytime
2. i can't believe how little i knew about china. where was i in history class?
3. the harrowing stories of what these women went through are amazing.

it has put a lot of my stress and worries about the economy today and the future into perspective. because c'mon, no matter how bad it gets i'm not going to have to carry human manure on my back, trudge hundreds of miles in the rain only to miscarry my first child and be allowed to only see my spouse 12 days out of the year. if you are looking for a good read-check this out at your library.
wild swans by jung chang

in forty years

i stumbled upon this at one of my favorite fashion sites. in case you need to find me in forty years, i am going to look right about the same as this gorgeous lady. can you say classy?


The Dork Factor

Many of you avid readers of this blog are parents, and will understand change that happens with parenthood. For the rest of you, this is a warning.

When you have kids, you become a total dork. And the best part? There’s no shame for this dorkiness, in fact, you usually don’t even notice. For instance, Lucy asked me today what’s for lunch. I get a big grin on my face and scrunch down to tell her “doodles of course!” (their favorite meal). In case you missed it, I meant noodles. We’ve called them doodles since Lucy was 18 months old. And pizza is always “peeba”. And almost every other day, thanks to cousin Emily, you’ll catch us saying “eee aaah dada” (that means “thank you dada”).

Ty finds himself whistling Veggie Tales tunes. at work. surrounded by grown men. working on cars. I got so excited at the Library yesterday because we found a video of the Royal Opera dancing Beatrix Potter stories. We could hardly wait to get it home. Jemima Puddleduck in pointe shoes? Sign me up baby.

And just ask Ty how many sound tracks he has memorized now from car trips. Sound of music. Sense and sensibility. Mary poppins. Poor guy. It’s ok though, he’s happy ‘cause he caught lucy singing a Who song the other day. She’s playing with her dollhouse belting out, “when I say I looove you, you say you bettta! You betta you betta you bet!”

This is just something I’ve been chuckling to myself and thought I’d share. What are your dorky moments? No children required to post; because let’s face it, there’s an inner dork in all of us.


gene pool

try and guess who's side of the family abby gets her laugh from.
(here's a hint: just think of curtis family gatherings) video



we found out a week ago that one of the boys in preschool likes lucy. his mom and i just casually talked and laughed about the fact that he wants to "marry her when he grows older".

apparently i talked too much about it around the house because today at preschool:
lucy: "hey dallin, do you like me?"
dallin: awkward pause, looks sheepishly into his hands
lucy: "hahahhaha" (she seriously looked like cruella devil)

can this really be happening? already? and is she one of 'those' girls who is going to torture and manipulate every boy who takes a fancy to her? good golly i'm going to have a lot of gray hair. (oh wait, i already do : )


cab driving life

i've read so much news today i have a headache. don't you? my only consolation is my sweet, innocent kids have no idea how important today is and how it will affect our lives for the next few years. (i'm talking about the bail out plan if you haven't heard)

so to distract myself i thought i'd share this thought:

i secretly want to become a new york city cab-driver. not for life, just for a day or two. honestly, their driving skills are insane, and so is the ride. these cabbies use every illegal maneuver i've ever wanted to attempt in the depths of traffic.
in our total of 2 cab trips we experienced these:
-driving on the side of the freeway trying to make a lane change
-switching lanes mid-intersection (probably 20 times)
-using an off ramp to pass traffic
-swerving, swooping, dodging, and honking at slow pedestrians (who have the right of way too)
-honking and threatening other crappy drivers
-passing on double solid lines
-cutting off every other car/bus/truck

and they do all of this so effortlessly.

we came back to provo where people:
-drive slowly in the left passing lane (ugh)
-leave their blinkers on for hours
-can't even drive the speed limit. really, 30 in a 35mph. what?
-stopping at yellow signals or just flat out running the light when it's obviously going to cause an accident (and it does).
- slowing down in the turn lane diagonally with their butt still stuck out in traffic. -waiting for pedestrians to make it all the way to the curb ( i laughed when i saw this) and obeying almost all traffic laws.

and they do all of this so badly.

ty said a guy in his class thought that utah drivers were so bad because they are all students from california and other states. yeah, right. i can handle so-cal and las vegas 5 hour traffic any day over unpredictable utahns.

all i know is this: so far, with my limited experience, the east coast and west coast are extremely different when it comes to driving etiquette.
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