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i've read so much news today i have a headache. don't you? my only consolation is my sweet, innocent kids have no idea how important today is and how it will affect our lives for the next few years. (i'm talking about the bail out plan if you haven't heard)

so to distract myself i thought i'd share this thought:

i secretly want to become a new york city cab-driver. not for life, just for a day or two. honestly, their driving skills are insane, and so is the ride. these cabbies use every illegal maneuver i've ever wanted to attempt in the depths of traffic.
in our total of 2 cab trips we experienced these:
-driving on the side of the freeway trying to make a lane change
-switching lanes mid-intersection (probably 20 times)
-using an off ramp to pass traffic
-swerving, swooping, dodging, and honking at slow pedestrians (who have the right of way too)
-honking and threatening other crappy drivers
-passing on double solid lines
-cutting off every other car/bus/truck

and they do all of this so effortlessly.

we came back to provo where people:
-drive slowly in the left passing lane (ugh)
-leave their blinkers on for hours
-can't even drive the speed limit. really, 30 in a 35mph. what?
-stopping at yellow signals or just flat out running the light when it's obviously going to cause an accident (and it does).
- slowing down in the turn lane diagonally with their butt still stuck out in traffic. -waiting for pedestrians to make it all the way to the curb ( i laughed when i saw this) and obeying almost all traffic laws.

and they do all of this so badly.

ty said a guy in his class thought that utah drivers were so bad because they are all students from california and other states. yeah, right. i can handle so-cal and las vegas 5 hour traffic any day over unpredictable utahns.

all i know is this: so far, with my limited experience, the east coast and west coast are extremely different when it comes to driving etiquette.


Becky J. said...

I agree that Utah drivers are bad, but I think drivers are bad everywhere. I am here to testify that plenty of people in So. Cal drive slow in the left "fast" lane and jump over the double (and often quadruple) yellow lines of the carpool lanes all the time. I think I'd get a hernia if everyone drove like a NY cabby.

Jamie said...

So glad you found our blog!I can't wait to tell Dan.

Thanks for the tip about hanging the frames. That is exactly what my mom wanted me to do--use the butcher paper. I definitely should have listened...

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