granny's apple pie

in the spirit of giving thanks and sharing with others, i've decided to post the best freagin' apple pie recipe known to mankind. as far as i know, this is a family secret, and the 'granny' method of rolling out the crust and measuring is sacred. so you should feel pretty darn special right now.

my granny curtis was one of the best pastry and dessert chefs around (just ask my dad about the eclairs and new jersey). of course you can use this crust recipe with any pie, but this apple is my favorite, and this is my blog, so there you go.

Granny Curtis' Pie Crust:

(makes two 9" pie crusts)
2 cups sifted flour
1/2 t salt
2/3c shortening (only use crisco, it's the best)
5-7 T ice cold water (depends on how humid your climate is)

1. Mix salt and flour
2. Add crisco- barely mix until small clumps form (about the size of peas)
You can do this by "cutting it in" with two knives, using a pastry cutter, or slowly, slowly mixing with a kitchenaid. i've never tried w/ a hand mixer.
3. Add cold water all at once- barely mix until just wet
4. Clump together with hands into one large ball-cut in half
5. Roll out between two pieces of wax paper ALWAYS starting in the middle of the ball (I like to go around the clock: 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock,3,9,10,2,5,7 repeat)
6. Release from was paper slowly and place into pie pan.

Apple Pie Filling:

6 cups thinly slice and pared apples
(granny smith or golden delicious are best, but i've taken a liking to gala too)
3/4-1 cup sugar
2 T flour
1 t ground cinnamon
1 dash nutmeg
2 T butter

1.Combine all dry ingredients, except butter, well.
2.Add apples.
3.Place into pie crust- cut up butter into small pieces and arrange on top of apples.
4.Cover with remaining pie crust. Seal the edges with water or egg whites. Cut crust off with butter knife at the edges and form to your liking. I use the finger pinch. Brush top of crust with egg whites, sprinkle with sugar, cut some slits for vents in also.
5. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Then at 375 degrees for another 25 minutes.


future vegetarian

last night i roasted a turkey. i dream some day of cooking my 'own' thanksgiving meal. for now my mom let's me pretend like i'm helping at hers.

back to our turkey. while sticking into the oven lucy asks, "mom, what is wrong with that chicken?".
"it's a turkey dear" ( i swear i sound more and more like my mom every day).
"Oh, well, it still is funny looking."

we sit down to eat my dry turkey (i need to get my sis in law's brine recipe) and lucy attacks us with a barrage of questions:
"where is it's head?"
"can it still walk?"
"what happens after we eat it?"
"what is this part?" (poking at it w/ her fork)
"look mom, i'm making it talk!"
"why is it dead?"
"who killed it?"
"can we have spaghetti?"

meanwhile, abby is chowing down on her second helping and belting out "mmeeeeeaat...mmmeeeeat!" no worries there with that child; she came out of the womb a carnivore.


run run run

it's officially official. my sister sarah and i started our marathon training this past saturday.
i must be a little slow on the uptake, because i just realized i have a training run every saturday morning till april. whew.
the nice part is, the mileage is starting out slowly, which i likey.

but just think of this: every morning, when you are nice and snug in bed, i'm outside with my beanie and gloves on, running in 30 degree weather (it's only going to get colder).

it has been a long time goal of mine to run a marathon, but now i'm doing it for bigger cause than just crossing it off my list. i'm fund raising with my run for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 75% of all the funds raised go directly to research and supporting patients and their families. even a girl on our team has 18 months left of treatments and is training for the 1/2 marathon! talk about inspiring.

i won't start asking for donations quite yet...but if you're interested now my link is on the left hand side of this blog.
for now, i'm going to go defrost in the shower.


give thanks

i'm thankful for my:
hard working husband
vivacious children
church i belong to
loving and supportive family
faithful friends
healthy body
good books
reading glasses
smiling faces
kitchen aid
helping neighbors
12-13 yr girls i teach every sunday
heating blanket
gym buddies
running shoes
library card


quote of the week

"look mom!" yells lucy, running into my room from hers.
(pointing to ariel's 'shell' bra) "you have one of those thingies just like ariel does. just yours isn't purple!"

"yup, you're right" was my response.

as you can see, we are still very vague on body parts and clothing articles with our daughters. any suggestions?


abigail's prayer

me: "our dear Heavenly Father,"
abby: (poking the toast) "fawda"
me: "we thank thee,"
abby: "dee"
me: "for the food,"
abby: "fooood"
me: "we ask thee,"
abby: "deeeee"
me: "to bless it,"
abby: (staring at her plate) "egg!"
me: "in the name,"
abby: "beebuu naim"
me: "of Jesus Christ,"
abby: "geezuz kites"
me: "amen"
abby: "AMEN!"


october pics

finally, some pictures from my sister's visit!

piggy back rides+crunchy leaves=happiness
this is right after my sister danna asked them to "touch your heads together!"
serious abby
this is our lucy

hmm...is it me or does abby's head look like a pumpkin shape too?
danna, me, sarah
dinner at the Red Iguana. best. mexican. food. ever. this was after we went and saw bodyworks; i completely endorse going to see that also.
sarah and me with the girls-yes you can see the Y from our house


quotes of the week

lucy: "what's that smell?"
me: "that man is smoking"
lucy: "he's smoking!? but he's gonna die!"

lucy: "mom, how many yellow hair girls can we see on campus?"
me: laughing, laughing, laughing..."probably a lot sweetie"

abby: "toot toot!" (whenever she can hear the train go by)

lucy: "mom, i know babies come from heaben, but how do they get into your tummy?"
me: "who wants a cookie?"

abby: "i wan some" "pease" "dait doo" "punkin, punkin, punkin!"

lucy at BYU bookstore: "mom, why do they have all their christmas stuff up? it's not even thanksgiving."
me: "yes, maybe you should tell them that"

and my favorite this week:
lucy: "mom, what if we saw a dog get runned over, and we stopped, and i frew up on it and then we left?" hmmm, that's just sick and wrong.


words of wisdom de ty

so i'm still waiting for my dear sis to email me pics from her visit (hint hint) and waiting therefore to blog about it. obviously i can't wait any longer. the major accomplishment of the visit is ty survived even that much more estrogen in his house for 5 days, who knew?
one of the days, amidst all of our girl talk( i don't even remember what the topic was about), ty says:
"well, all you have to do is look at her shoes"
at first i thought he was joking, because if you know ty, he knows nothing of fashion in this world except the history of red sox uniforms. i laughed and asked, "whaat?"
and this is his reply:

"you can tell a girl by her shoes. if she's hobbling about in high heels or weird boots, she's not going to be a girl who'll jump at the chance to go hiking or camping"
wow. totally didn't see that one coming. and he was serious! no wonder he got me, i think the only shoes i wore till we got married were vans and reefs (which i happened to sneak on at our reception too).

of course he's generalizing, because why can't we be both? i love me some pairs of nice stilettos and (as my mom says, really) do-me-boots. but i'm also not one to shy away from wipey baths and outdoor plumbing for several days. it's a paradox i tell ya. thank goodness i go to church every sunday because those boots would just stay dusty in the bottom of my closet without a place to go.

but, maybe, just maybe, he may be right when it comes to most women? i need input on this one.


what letter is that again?

today is preschool at our house. i'm rushing around getting ready (yet still find time to post?) and lucy asks:
"what letter is it again today mom?"
me: "the letter I"
lucy: "and next week?"
me: "um, J"
lucy: "and that means the next week it's LMNOP" "mom, what words start with LMNOP?"

ty and i just died laughing. i remember thinking it was L, MandM, O, P. Like the candy. Gotta love kids!


birthdays and the sabbath don't mix

once i became a mom, i realized i only get two days a year (mothers day/birthday) where i can pretty much do what i want without ty blinking an eye. but this year, they were both on sundays. what's up with that? oh what? you like going to 3 hours of church with your kids on the day after daylight savings? it doesn't bother you that they woke up at 5:30 am with the time change and got cranky by 4pm? wow, hats off to you because it pretty much sucked. but thanks to phonecalls and facebook, i still felt the love. thanks.

i still get to go out with hubby tonight, and pick out my gift. i know, i'm excited too! but overall, birthdays just don't have as much pizzaz as they used too.

cupcakes for school, surprise birthday parties, new clothes. wait, who am i kidding? I never grew up with birthdays like that. but i still like to take a moment on my day of birth and appreciate all that i have.

for now, i'm loving that i finally got my favorite face lotion back thanks to some birthday moolah.


at last...halloween

somehow halloween just couldn't come fast enough for us. let's just say that lucy gets more than a "little excited" about the holidays. it's like she's on the verge of peeing her pants waiting for the day to come. is it halloween yet? is it yet?
thank goodness my mom got us an advent calendar for us this year, it helped a ton.

we had a great time...great weather...pretty good stash of candy. hope yours was happy too!

Alice and The White Rabbit

abby caught on after the third house and was so excited to get candy in her bucket
somehow this piece of candy got into lucy's pillowcase that night. so cute huh?
me and the girls


i am not a good samaritan

we have a gorgeous english walnut tree out our front door. not only does it shade us all summer long, but now, at this time, it drops it's huge walnuts down for us. there are plenty, and last year I had dreams of cracking them open and giving them in neat little mason jars to neighbors and friends for recipes.

and then, one afternoon, a family came by and asked ty if they could take 'some'. well, just imagine my face when i come home and they are all gone. we still got two grocery bags full, one for our landlord, one for us. but i was angry. mainly because walnuts are so dang expensive.

well, this afternoon, i woke up from my nap (yes, sometimes i nap, you would too if you worked out every morning before the sun rises), and hear the rustling of leaves. i walk outside and see people all over my yard, taking my walnuts. ooh, i was angry (mainly from the nap waking) but they could see my scary face. the two women walked sheepishly with bulging bags back into the car. and the man stayed, and explained that last year my husband said yes. i then explained back that i was 'angry' that they took all of them. they aren't even ours to give away. i told him they could take one bag and leave the rest. he dumped his out and said they only had one in the car. i saw them load the car, i knew what they had. i told them to just leave, we use them for baking and stuff. he said most people just throw theirs out so they take them. well not me! i was so pissed.

and now, i feel a little ashamed. mostly because some of ours went bad last year, and this family might need them more than we do. but i think, hey, i bet this guy is selling them to his neighbors for 5 bucks a bag or something (which is a steal). who knows right? just remember, don't wake up annie from naps. she'll be grumpy at you too. and she won't share either.
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