abigail's prayer

me: "our dear Heavenly Father,"
abby: (poking the toast) "fawda"
me: "we thank thee,"
abby: "dee"
me: "for the food,"
abby: "fooood"
me: "we ask thee,"
abby: "deeeee"
me: "to bless it,"
abby: (staring at her plate) "egg!"
me: "in the name,"
abby: "beebuu naim"
me: "of Jesus Christ,"
abby: "geezuz kites"
me: "amen"
abby: "AMEN!"


Danna Banana said...

That was lovely Annie. A beautiful memory. (Well written too).

Lauren said...

Ha ha! Love it!

Camrin said...

sounds like our house! we just started letting james say the prayer! i totally love it!

Unknown said...

It's so fun to hear them try!

arisb21 said... cute!

Bonnie Walker said...

I guess you can tell David and Abby were born the same day. They pray exactly the same. How funny, don't you think it is so hilarious. sometimes I find myself trying not to laugh out loud. They try so hard.

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