at last...halloween

somehow halloween just couldn't come fast enough for us. let's just say that lucy gets more than a "little excited" about the holidays. it's like she's on the verge of peeing her pants waiting for the day to come. is it halloween yet? is it yet?
thank goodness my mom got us an advent calendar for us this year, it helped a ton.

we had a great time...great weather...pretty good stash of candy. hope yours was happy too!

Alice and The White Rabbit

abby caught on after the third house and was so excited to get candy in her bucket
somehow this piece of candy got into lucy's pillowcase that night. so cute huh?
me and the girls


Anonymous said...

So stinkin cute!!!! I love the pic. of just lucy and abby. Way to go mom!

Austrie said...

They're so cute!!! I love Lucy's blonde hair :) Abby's whiskers too. So adorable

Melanie said...

They look so darn cute!!! I'm so glad you posted pictures. You look good too.

It was good to talk to you!

Tam said...

these pictures are priceless. i love the coordinating costumes. cute porch too. cute, cute all around.

Becky J. said...

They are soooo cute! I love their adorable costumes and how excited they were about the night. So fun!

The Yardley's said...

What cute girls! Lucy can sure pull off the blonde hair! Little girlies are so much fun!

Trent & Tara said...

Cute pics that was fun hanging out with you guys. Abby's face is so dang funny. ha ha You have adorable kids.

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