quotes of the week

lucy: "what's that smell?"
me: "that man is smoking"
lucy: "he's smoking!? but he's gonna die!"

lucy: "mom, how many yellow hair girls can we see on campus?"
me: laughing, laughing, laughing..."probably a lot sweetie"

abby: "toot toot!" (whenever she can hear the train go by)

lucy: "mom, i know babies come from heaben, but how do they get into your tummy?"
me: "who wants a cookie?"

abby: "i wan some" "pease" "dait doo" "punkin, punkin, punkin!"

lucy at BYU bookstore: "mom, why do they have all their christmas stuff up? it's not even thanksgiving."
me: "yes, maybe you should tell them that"

and my favorite this week:
lucy: "mom, what if we saw a dog get runned over, and we stopped, and i frew up on it and then we left?" hmmm, that's just sick and wrong.


The Yardley's said...

I want a cookie please! LOL those are too cute!

Becky J. said...

Hahahahahahahahaha! That's me dying over how funny these were! Joseph and I especially laughed hard over the frowing up on the dog and then leaving comment. Twisted but hilarious!

Lauren said...

Silly girl! I love the LMNOP post too.

Katie M said...

oh my gosh. i can't wait to have kids and start a quote book like this. classic!!

yellow haired girls, hahahaha.

Tam said...

i like the dog quote personally. why do they think of such stuff? sometimes i just shake my head and shrug my shouders. silly, thoughtful little girls.

Anonymous said...

Kids just keep you thinking (and laughing). The dog getting "runned over" is a little disturbing but understandable with Lucy's background of throw up. ;-)

Trent & Tara said...

Just leave it to Lucy to get your girls laughing...ha ha. all of those are so hilarious. I can't believe such profound wording can come from such a tiny mouth. that is great you put them on your blog...

Melanie said...

Billy and I have been laughing about these quotes all weekend!! :) Where does she come up with this stuff?!

And I have to tell you, about two weeks ago Emily said something and Billy turned to me and said, "That's Lucy-worthy." If only I could remember what she said . . . :)

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