merry christmas

in lieu of blogging every day and reading your posts, i am taking a break. i am stuffing my face with fudge and sitting on couches watching my children entertained by our families. that is a real vacation my friends.

my last post of the year (do you really think i can make it that long?) is a true story from tyson's christmas past.

at a young 8 years old, on christmas morning, tyson unwrapped his very own red ryder daisy bb gun. yes, the exact same gun that the famous "ralphie" used in A Christmas Story. out he runs to the backyard and starts target practicing. shoot. shoot. shoot. hmm...he spots an empty electrical spool and decides to give it a try. and what do you think happened? the bb bounces straight off of it and hits ty right in his eye. well, directly below his eye. what are the odds?

according to him he kept on shooting and didn't go in crying to his mother. he thinks it's because he's brave. i think it's because he didn't have to make up a story for why his glasses broke. he did go inside when he bored of his new toy. he never had seen the movie yet and was confused as to why his aunt corinne laughed her head off when he said he almost "shot my eye out". hahaha.

that's my husband for you. we still love watching that movie, it's one of our favorite christmas traditions.


Lauren said...

We love that movie too!
Merry Christmas!

Becky J. said...

No way! I cannot believe that really did happen. Too funny! I think the first time I ever saw that movie was living with you girls. Maybe it was before then, but I know it was in college. Now it's a favorite! What a great story Ty has, and a wife who can tell it so well.

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