randomness in december

this morning, on the way to the health food store, i pulled into the right turn lane instead of heading straight ahead. so, when the light turned green, i gunned it and cut off the byu co-ed in her blue beetle. sorry girlie, but i just didn't have an extra 2 minutes to reroute.

lucy notices everything. and i mean, everything. about 6 months ago she asked, "why do mommies eat different lunches than daddies and me?" ugh. i explained that when you are the mommy, and make the food, you can have salads too instead of cheese quesadillas/grilled cheese/burritos/top ramen (their usual lunch fare). she acted really excited to know that she'll have power some day.

our oldest also informed me of her never-ending list of christmas presents she wants. how do i get this to stop? i don't mind if she's excited, but she is bordering obsessed. and she's obsessed with barbies. i thought that wouldn't show up until grade school. and i know i shouldn't be surprised because i was obsessed with them too. but it still makes me very sad that she wants to grow up so fast.

we babysat our little niece evelyn today. lucy was an angel, helpful, watchful, loving. abigail was nice the first 15 minutes, then jealous, spiteful, and hogged all the toys. yet another reason why the thought of having another baby scares me to death.

all this running, healthfood runs and salads for lunch has paid off. i know it's cheesy to put on the blog, but i have been a size 6 pants for a year now. and let me tell you, i haven't worn that size since i was in HS. so go me i guess.

and last sunday, driving home from church, we saw a lady in the park walking her...raccoon. yes, a raccoon on a leash, and she was scooping up it's poop like a dog. lucy was fascinated and now wants a squirrel/raccoon/skunk/chipmunk of a pet when we own a home.


Carrie said...

Haha! Who has a raccoon for a pet?! They're vicious! I wonder how long it took for him to become leash-trained. Weird. Congrats on being a size 6! I've never been that size consistently, even when I was running all the time. Go you.

Anonymous said...

We have a few squirrels that hang out in my backyard. I could ship you one for Christmas if you want ;-)

Lauren said...

Ya GO you! Mark is 8 months old.. do I still have the baby fat excuse? Man I need to get workin.
Good luck with Lucy. Estefan is the same way. We told him Santa is on a budget!

Becky J. said...

Wow, Annie, Go You for sure! That's awesome you're in a size 6! I think I wore that size once in junior high.

And don't be scared to have another baby. Don't you remember with Lucy that she was probably only jealous for just a little while and then they became best friends? Abby will be just fine with another baby around.

The Richards in Canada said...

Ahhh you made my day Annie...thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

So, it was you who cut me off! :) Just kidding!

Lucy and Emily are such polar opposites. She didn't tell us what she wanted for Christmas until I walked her around the toy section of Target and specifically asked her what she wanted to ask Santa for. I had some guesses, but I needed to know if they were right or not (and they were right I might add). :)

Abby will be just fine whenever you decide to have a third. By the time the next one comes along she'll be older and they adjust quickly. Jacob wasn't keen on the baby at first, didn't pay attention to him much, but now it's very different. He likes him now.

Go you for size 6! It is so satisfying to see differences and keep them.

Did you ever read the book "Rascal?" :)

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