up and down

today we picked up a mcdonald's gift card for ty's brother that's on a mission. what missionary doesn't like free food right? so we are at the brand spankin' newly remodeled mcdonalds (it was nice people, and i'm talking nice) and decided to let the girls play in the playplace. i mean, it's brand new so the chances of them catching a deadly virus is next to nothing right?

but there a few things you should know first about my experience with playplaces: if we ever do get fast food (which is rare) it's drive-thru and i lie to my children and tell them the playplace is closed.

i know, i'm an elitist and enjoy parks more than indoor stuff, but today it's freezing out so i compromised. last week abby chanted the entire 20 minute walk home from the park "hads...cod...hads...cod...owie". and she had gloves on too.

so the whole point of this story is this: at parks/waterparks/playplaces there are always kids going UP the slide instead of down it. why does this drive me insane?

1. my kids aren't pushy so they'll sit at the top just waiting for bully to get up and then turn around and slide down. and then they act confused about which way to go and wait longer.
2.abby is so small a 1 year old could crush her if he wanted to, so when a first grader is running up the slide towards her, i get a little worried.
3. it messes up the entire slide cycle.
4. i never could do it as a kid. i always slipped and hit my chin. maybe that's the real reason behind all my angst.

if you let your kids go up the slide in public places-just slap your hand right now and repeat after me, "up the stairs, down the slide" that's right! keep repeating until it sticks.

oh, and don't you love the sing-song voice all mom's use when disciplining their kids in public? it cracks me up. i do it too, so i have no room to talk.


Melanie said...

I'm just laughing and laughing at this post! :) I usually tell the kids they can't go in the playplace either. And we're constantly telling them up the stairs, down the slide!

Carrie said...

i hate it when kids climb up the slide too. i think i've even gotten mad at peter for doing it. kudos!

Becky J. said...

You're so funny!

And I totally allow Sophie to do it when there's no one else around, which is often at the park we go to. When there are other kids there we totally follow the rules. But I definitely hear you on why it's so annoying.

arisb21 said...

OMG! You are so right. I can't stand the mom's that never say anything to their kids when they are pushing kids off the slide or climbing up the wrong way. Your blog makes me laugh because I tell my oldest the same thing. I always tell her that the MC D's playground is closed.

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