out with 2009

i am not reluctant to admit that 2009 was not my year of years. a good chunk of it ranked high on my 'suckiest of sucky' moments. but mixed with all the yuckys were some really great highlights.

january-ty in school again.
abigail turns 2.
me with bun in oven.
lucy in mommy preschool. temperatures freezing

february-freezing temperatures still. valentine's day!

march- freezing temperatures still

april- freezing temperatures still. easter! anniversary! bed rest.





september-  bed rest ends! phoebe elise! ty's b-day!

october- dad's 70th party! i hiked the Y!  lucy's 5th birthday!  swine flu.  halloween!

november-my birthday! thanksgiving! ty filled out his graduation application and passed!


can not wait for 2010.


the ghost of christmas' past

i sneaked onto my sis' computer and downloaded these tasty pics of christmas 2007

lucy was 3
abby was 1
ty was working every day for internship hours
i was finally recovered from my post partum depression with abby
bill and mel were in town from houston

trip to roger's springs

warning: when you make fun of my blog too much i will post pictures of you like this

almost all the curtis ladies headed down to southern ca to visit danna and have a mini retreat
grandma with the skoy boys

we were lucky enough to stay at a swank resort
and visit the getty museum

mel, weren't you preggos this year again too? he he he

bill jumping with the kiddos

 baby jacob

 see...i told you they were awesome pictures


in a funk

phoebe smiling and talking to her cousins
we miss them

today we hunkered down at my mom's house. "i don't want to go ANYWHERE today." i moaned while buried in my blanket cocoon on her couch. we have probably put 200 miles on the jeep this past week driving back and forth to relative's houses. don't get me wrong, we are very lucky they all live a 5 mile radius within each other and we all enjoy seeing everyone very much, but getting in the car 4 times a day with three kids age 5 and under isn't my cup of tea.

so, back to me, i am being stubborn and unsocial and staying home. i didn't even go outside. and  that's when it hit me. the post-holidays blues have already begun. they didn't even wait until after new years. i knew i was in the official 'funk' when i looked down at myself at 1pm and not only was i in my mismatched pajamas, but they were coverd in chunky spit up, chocolate smudges, and heaven knows what else.
i was exhausted and the girls were all sleeping. "let's play nert!" i half-heartedly exclaimed to my sister. she kindly looked at me, and offered the suggestion, "i'll listen for phoebe, you need a nap." and she was right as usual and coming to my rescue again, but she missed something.

yes, i indeed needed a nap, but more importantly,
i needed a  steamy, high pressure 15 minute shower.

bless you modern day plumbing.bless you. bless you. bless you. you didn't get me out of my funk but i sure do feel better.



things are quiet here on the blog as our real life is full of action with family.
we are enjoying every single second visiting with cousins, nieces, nephews, grandmas, grandpas, great grandma and grandpas, and eating lots and lots of chocolate.

phoebe is not happy about the latter part. neither are my thighs.

tis the season


and while were at it

why not have our little abergails puke in the car? AGAIN. FOR THE UPTEENTH TIME?

we were a little more prepared this time, but really, it's getting old.

fyi-bread bags with a few slices left in them work wonders as a barf catcher-
 containment and absorbtion all in one.


dear superwoman,

where did you buy your superpowers?

and can i pay with paypal?


twelve weeks

i knew the 12 week growth spurt was coming. i was expecting it. but being the intelligent person that i am, i knew that and still put on my to do list:
  1. christmas cards
  2. baking
  3. cleaning
  4. cooking
  5. entertaining
  6. running christmas errands
  7. cleaning the entire house
  8. scrubbing out the fridge
  9. packing up our whole lives into the jeep for vacation

and to top that all off with a big cherry on top...phoebe got a nasty cold and sore throat yesterday. hmmm, sick and starving? wow.

so thanks 12 weeks, you are going to really knock my socks off.

but when i look at this picture...

i suddenly forget what i was whining about


post-it-note nativity

an unwise decision was made 3 weeks ago when we told the girls they could 'play' with the christmas decorations. most of them are advent calendars so it didn't seem to matter. but many things have been lost and/or broken since then. although they were taking a beating, when lucy sketched our porcelain nativity, i couldn't help but be impressed.
mary. baby Jesus. joseph. sheep. star. hay

two wisemen wearing awesome hats and what appear to be dumbo ears

frankincense and myrrh (or eeeeevaaaa)


third times a charm

when lucy would cry i would fret and worry and run to the baby book and call any female relative who would answer the phone.
now, when phoebe cries we just get out the camera. because:
1. we know what to do,  and
2.think it is just so darn cute how far her lower lip can curl.

it must frustrate her that we laugh every time she cries.

* it is hard to take pictures of  a fussy/wiggly baby


i should have seen it coming

my blogging buddy kate just recently posted about these skinny jeans that she bought. now, i'm not questioning her statement that they are amazing, and i know she is looking fabulous in them and knows what's up. because she lives in new york city (mecca of fashion) and i live in my kitchen in p-town.
i'm just wondering how long this has been coming. and when i say this, i mean, the fact that i am old and out of date in the clothing department. the sign that this is happened is when you are not willing AT ALL to go along with current fashion trends. no matter how cute your friends/acquaintances look in them, you will not budge.

 i receive my urban outfitters catalog every so often. and instead of lusting over every page and adding thousands of items to my want list, i laugh and laugh and laugh. the patterns, the colors, the polyester! seriously, when i saw the unitard/ short onesie i almost pooped my pants.

the first trend that i repelled were the jellies. i considered the fact that since i wore jellies all growing up that we didn't need to go another round. all i ever experienced (besides cute shoes) were blisters, sweaty feet, stinky feet and more blisters. no thank you. and the ankle boots-never wore them in sixth grade, but SO wanted them. and now their back, but not gonna do it.

 then skinny jeans and leggings, (now i have worn some legging/ cropped tights to church and ty aks, "when is dance class?" he thinks he's funny sometimes) in the first place i don't consider myself a healthy candidate for leggings, as my upside down triangle shape would really be magnified. plus, the kids walking to college with their skinny jeans and converse in one foot of snow boggles me.

but i used to be that way. i used to be hip and cool and sacrificed my health and safety to go along with the trends. not anymore. i'm just like my brother.  i remember when he would only wear ankle socks in the 90's. gasp! horror! "hello, get with the program dude." we'd tell him.  tube socks were SO IN. and he refused, and waited it out, and wouldn't you know it? tube socks went out of style. are they cropping up again?

and here i am. refusing to change. and willing to be uncool about the whole 80's clothing trend.  

so, hello trend/consumer/clothing giants- i am old, and out of date, and not happy with what's in (well, a majority of it. i am loving my ballet flats and cardigans).  i will keep rocking my bootcut granny pants for all to see.  i'm pretty sure in about 10 years or less, my daughter will moan and complain that she just has to have  the  new pair of bootcut jeans. and i will shout praises to you for letting me be in style for a short little while again.

*ps* since writing this post i now have a lurking suspicion that in a few months i will be walking around in denim leggings.


a whirlwind

it seems like life will not slow down here at the house. we had thanksgiving. we had snow. we had phoebe's blessing. we had snow. we had the ward christmas party (oh boy oh boy). we had rain. we went to the nutcracker. we had rain. we had church. we had more snow.

the ward christmas party, oh the ward christmas party. one that we will not soon forget. the girls ate about 2 bites of their meat and beans (of course they ate the entire roll and butter) and then gandered on over to the dessert table. it was a smorgasborg (i've been looking for a good time to use that word. do you like it bill?).  there were cookies everything and pie everything and baked/frosted/dipped/braided everything. i was so pooped from bringing our own homemade sugar cookies that i was not a once tempted. and heaven help me we stuck it out until the very, very, very end of the party for santa. lucy was very excited/nervous to see him and we just HAD to stay.

so here he comes. the big guy, the head honcho, the boss, mr. claus himself. and she drops her head a little. she was no longer interested in meeting him or sitting on his lap or telling him what she would like. "i wrote him a letter. he knows" she blurted out. ok, so i'm quiet not trying to say anything and just let her be when she pipes in "that's not the real santa. that's just someone dressing up." silence. what do you say to that? i didn't think i'd get that talk for a year or so.  abby was adorable. she waved at him and her eyes lit up and she was just jumping all over ty's lap to get him to get up and stand in line. being a true leavitt, he let all the other rambunctious, tired, loud, sticky, excited kids to go infront of them. abby was pretty much half asleep but still wanted to wait and meet him. and meet him she did. and luckily she wants exactly  what Santa is bringing her: strawberry shortcake. i've wondered how many parents have scrambled out christmas eve to change/exchange the santa gift.  the girls are still young enough that we can sway them one way or the other towards presents.

and the nutcracker was great again. a lovely mother daughter tradition if i do say so myself.  we missed ballet west's production in salt lake city this year and stayed local as i am a lactating milk cow that must stay within a 20 minute radius of my child. utah regional was ok. the costumes are getting old. the little girls looked like they were carrying around chucky dolls.  the dancers weren't as impressive as last time, and lucy was tired/hungry by the end. i have to remember to go to the matinee next year. 7:30 was just way too late. it was abigail's first year and she was delighted. not a peep. except she did keep trying to run up and get a peek at the orchestra. i can't blame her, i wanted to go play the triangle too.

and just when i'm losing hope in lucy about the whole santa thing ty took them to see another one.  this santa,  must have had a nicer/more expensive suit on because according to her, "i'm pretty sure it was him." phew.

and after all of this snow and rain and getting my nice church boots soggy i think i'm getting ready for a little warmer christmas down south.


meet ella

ella is the daughter of an old friend from reno. via facebook i knew that we were due at almost exactly the same time. phoebe is only 2 weeks older than ella, who was born with the terminal genetic disorder trisomy 18.  also known as edward's disease.

ella is beautiful. and every morning i check my email, my google reader, and then i check on ella. she is quite the fighter and has lifted me up when i feel down, or exhausted, or worn out or just plain whiny.

read all about ella here at megan's blog.

the opportunity to raise a child is an amazing blessing- no matter how brief or long the time. and every single baby is nothing short of a miracle. and ella is indeed MIRACULOUS.


seen and heard

*names have been changed to protect the innocent

ben: hey lucy's mom
me: yes?
ben: guess what i want for christmas?
me: i don't know. what do you want?
ben: i want to have sex in a cup
me: what do you want again?
ben: i want to have sex in a cup!
me: wow. why?
ben: because! they are so cool! you can climb walls with them and stick to windows!
me: oh, suction cups! those are really cool ben.
ben: yeah, but spiderman doesn't have sex in a cup, he just uses his hands.
me: mmmhmm. he doesn't need suction cups does he?
ben: nope. but he is really cool too.
me: yeah he is

can i please have a boy some day?


eleven weeks

phoebe could care less about the snow and weather situation here
seriously, the high today is 17*

and i just know i'll jinx myself by writing this. but this baby monkey has been sleeping through the night (10pm-5am-this morning 6:30!) for about three weeks now.

*side note* i realize i am extremely white and out of the social loop and don't even know what 'holla' means. but it doesn't stop me from yelling it. holla! holla! see, i just feel more awesome now.


no cabin fever here

to keep away the duldrums of freezing cold weather and snow...we make sure we get outside absolutely every single day. i'm a firm believer in getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. it's much easier to just stay inside. believe me, i know. especially when it is really cold, or really hot. but my kids are happier, sleep better, nap better and fight less the more they get outdoors.
and getting your kids outside in the snow is a huge task. especially since they are cold and want to come in about every five minutes. but we still do it. monday we made snow angels and snowballs. tuesday we walked up to the school and back to pick up a play-date friend. today we are going out after nap time.

all this playing outside in the snow means one thing:
i can't catch up on the housework. there are boots, hats, mittens, gloves and muddy footprints all over the kitchen.
but the kids and i aren't crazy. sweet success!



how happy am i that i ran all my errands last week?

very, very happy.

i do need to still pick up and get the christmas cards sent out.
but i'll wait until this mother of a storm passes.
in the meantime we are drinking lots of hot chocolate and drying out our mittens and boots on the heating vents.

*if any of you have changed your address or would like a card. please send me your address via email:
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