you say tomato, i say...

last night at dinner:

lucy:i liked it when we had that enchilada.
remember the enchilada? that was so cool!
ty: mom's enchiladas that she cooks?
lucy: no, the enchilada that you brought to grandma's house...
with the hairy legs.
ty: oh, you mean the TARANTULA?

is that even close at all? really?


toddle talk

abby's talk is pretty jumbled now. of course tyson and i can understand her, but it's pretty iffy for everyone else.

our favorite quotes she uses right now:

"m'mon mom!"
"chocklit miiilk?"
"go awaaaay!"
"wait guys!"
"i dooooo it!"
"i potty too!"
"i like dat/dis/dos"


seen and heard

lucy: "mom, i lost my CTR ring"
me: "that's ok, let's look for it later, we have to go"
lucy: "but now i can't choose the right!"



so, the mani/pedi never happened.
but i did snab an easy read fluff book for the weekend that worked wonders. made me feel like the best mom ever- as it is about park avenue dysfunctional families and how they have nannies raise their kids.

the weekend was nice and slow. did absolutely nothing except let texas take some pictures of us.

stressed out over my church lesson for hours and hours only to find out it's the week i don't have to teach. nice.

had some friends over for dinner and laughed and laughed over the fact that i, again, for the second time in my life, baked a cake and forgot the flour. (in case your wondering, it just boils over like chocolate soup)

this morning the gym was packed, again with resolutioners.
but i still got a bike in spin, so i'm ok.
anyways, it's snowing and that has cheered me right up.
happy monday it is.




beating the duldrums

these last two weeks have been, well, just blah. and i mean, blaaaaah.

i am so tired, i don't want to workout. after i workout, i'm so tired i can't do anything else.

i have no motivation to do my laundry or cleaning. but, in the off chance that having it done will make me feel good, i complete it. and yet, i still feel ick.

i have no desire for social interaction. i avoid people at the gym, grocery store, library, you name it.

the book i am currently reading, is about sudanese refugees "the lost boys". it is sad, tragic, horrifying and wonderful all at the same time. i can barely read 30 pages at a time before i need a break.

and to top it all off (or maybe this is the real reason?) the inversion over our valley is suffocating me with gray skies and smog. and freezing weather. and now, rain. snow i wouldn't mind, but the rain just makes everything worse.

i hate to say this, but i really think that a mani/pedi would solve all these 'blah' problems. he he.


dear craigslist,

i love you; thank you for being in my life. i never knew until i met you that i could sell 3 useless things in my household in one day and make $60. please let me know if there's anything i can do for you.

and again, thank you.



not another potty

we now have 2 potties in our "one butt bathroom".

abby's insistence on 'going' finally worked and i brought out the baby bjorn last week.
i have not asked her once to use it. in fact, i hate potty training and her cute tush is so small i wouldn't mind waiting another year.
but she is the second child, and wants to do everything that lucy does.
so far our tally is:
#1-8 times

I do not want to buy undies for her and am secretly hoping she stops. how terrible is that?


here's your star

ty gets a gold star for this weekend. not only did he fix my vacuum. but he also found out what was wrong with the washer and fixed it for $25. that's right, $25.

i must admit, the idea of a new washer was tantalizing for a minute, but not the price tag.

especially since we are in need of a new computer. sigh.

oh, and a happy martin luther king day to you.


broke broke

our washer broke yesterday. and our vacuum.
i think the cleaning gods are sending me a message.


scared silly

have any of you seen the homeless man on university avenue? he's been there for years. i graduated a long time ago from college and i remember seeing him my freshman year.

in the daytime, he doesn't look too shabby and ty and i always laugh that he probably owns a large mansion and sleeps there at night.

well...this morning i was almost to will's pit stop, my turnaround point. along that stretch of road there are almost no lights, and when it's early, early, early in the morning and no sun, i get a little scared. so i'm puffing along and all of a sudden 10 feet in front of me is a large black hooded blob pushing a cart. holy poop he looked exactly like a serial killer.

i grabbed my heart, gasped and jumped out of the way. i kept watching my back every minute or so to make sure he didn't turn around and slaughter me. yeah, he does not sleep in a mansion at night, he's still out walking the streets.and mumbling to himself. scary.


playing cards

last night my sister sarah and me at our dinner table. time 10:15pm:
"i bought these decks of cards at the dollar store, sweet huh?"
"cool..let's play" (we love to play nert, or some less fortunate people call it nerts)

start shuffling cards and setting up...
"ew, these cards feel gross."
"this is going to be hard to play with them"
"yuck, what is coming off of them? stupid dollar store"
"i watched this documentary where some asian companies put panda poop in their paper"
"um, ok...i'm done" we both stand up and wash our hands.

luckily we found the expensive bicycle cards pack in the back of the closet. i never knew the difference before between cards. probably because my family only ever had the nice ones for that reason.

make sure you don't play with any panda poop ones ok?


we like to party

i must admit, i do love throwing parties, and when it comes to parties, birthdays take the cake (no pun intended).
being as abby's was on a sunday, and our church is at 9, and i had to teach the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ to 12 year old girls, I opted to not cook.
that is when take n' bake pizza rocks (but when doesn't it?)
we had a great elmo birthday party, abby was beyond happy with her guests, her cake and her presents, in that order.
of course lucy 'helped' open all presents and try them out first
birthday girland yes, i dropped my camera and some pictures are blurry, luckily they are the ones with me
abigail means "joy of the father"


24 months ago

you were born, abigail.
i held you in my arms and they took you away.
that night they told us you tried to leave this world...but medicine and machines fixed you.
and time healed the rest.

look at you now. healthy. funny, lighthearted and kind.
with an appetite of a lumberjack and the dance moves of a diva.
we love you little abby.
our perfect and petite package of joy.

our thanks to you.
our thanks to our hospital.
our thanks to the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and neonatalologists that cared for our child when we could not.
and our thanks to all our friends and family's prayers.
words can never express the gratitude that we so deeply, deeply feel.


not sleeping

abby has a talent of filling her diaper right in the middle of naptime.
i really tried to ignore it today to get some shut eye. right at the brink of falling asleep i hear this sound from her room:
boing boing boing boing boing boing boing
"jumping jaaaacks! jumping jaaaaacks!" (italics added for emphasis)

needless to say, i didn't get a nap.

training day #42

6 miles on porter rockwell trail


abby's weight problems

picture is of abby and her 9 month old cousin matthew

today was abby's 2 year well-baby check up. we cruised in expecting a quick weigh in, measure, yes. yes, she does this. yes, she does that. ok. thank you.

but no maam. abby is 21lbs, 31.5inches.
last check up she was 21 lbs, 30 inches.
she has stopped gaining, again.
she has had previous problems with gaining weight, but we thought that was passed us. guess not.

we are now supposed to start up pediasure again. butter. ice cream. and high calorie dense food (think pop tarts). why can't i be on this diet?

i'm sure she's fine. i'm hoping the blood tests/urinalysis come out negative. i kept telling the dr that i was short and small ( i promise, i was) until high school. let's keep our fingers crossed that's the case and not some thyroid/crazy thing.

training day #41

i slept in instead of running.

i'm only human ok?


training day #40

5 miles on the treadmill.
it was awful.
the girl next to me was flying.
and the guy on the other side of me smelled bad.


lucy's bad habit

our sweet and vivacious lucy is officially a nail biter. it started in november, a few days before her first primary program. the pediatrician said it might pass. it hasn't.

i can not stand the noise it makes. click. click. click. click. she even is biting the skin around the nails and asks for band-aids when they bleed. i know, gross.

i'm "supposed" to not bring attention to it. i'm "supposed" to redirect her to do something different with her hands. you'd think as a former ABA therapist this would be easy to do. no way. it is so hard.

today i've been giving her they eye to stop. you know, the look your mom would give you that sends chills down your spine. i have no pity or sympathy for her like a mother should. it's driving me crazy.

please tell me lots of stories about how you were nail biters and are now normal, well adjusted adults today (with long beautiful nails).


training day #39

still running. running in the snow. running in the desert (thank you logandale for 3 saturdays in a row with no snow!). running on a treadmill (gasp). running in my sleep.

i've been lacking motivation since new year's week. i'm hoping the lack thereof was created by eating mounds of chocolate and capn' crunch cereal at my mom's (it had been too long, i think years since i'd had cap'n crunch!).
maybe the motivation will creep in somehow, somewhere. for now, i'm just trudging along with my glorified jog that i call running.

today: 4 fast miles on the treadmill. i almost passed out at 3, so i walked the last one.


back to reality...

sitting on my kitchen table is a pile of bills and a trash bag full of dirty laundry. a morbid smell is wafting from the fridge when you open it (and i cleaned it before we left i swear) and don't forget the two exhausted children freezing to death in our 48* house.

i wish i would have blogged while on vacation, because now that it's over it's all a blur. doesn't help either that we all got sick the last 3 days at my mom's.

i will post highlights with photos in the next few days to come. for now we are trying to figure out how to live like church mice on our student loans and make them last till june. ack.

ps- our baby turns 2 a week from today. wowzas.
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