toddle talk

abby's talk is pretty jumbled now. of course tyson and i can understand her, but it's pretty iffy for everyone else.

our favorite quotes she uses right now:

"m'mon mom!"
"chocklit miiilk?"
"go awaaaay!"
"wait guys!"
"i dooooo it!"
"i potty too!"
"i like dat/dis/dos"


Audrey said...

book club was tons of fun. wish you could have joined us. we do it every month so i will keep you posted. we seriously need to get together one of these days.

Lauren said...

I love the potty picture!!

Carrie said...

That picture is priceless. You're definitely going to need to bust that one out when she's a teenager!

Trent & Tara said...

That photo is priceless..ha ha. She is getting to be such a big girl.

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