here's your star

ty gets a gold star for this weekend. not only did he fix my vacuum. but he also found out what was wrong with the washer and fixed it for $25. that's right, $25.

i must admit, the idea of a new washer was tantalizing for a minute, but not the price tag.

especially since we are in need of a new computer. sigh.

oh, and a happy martin luther king day to you.


Carrie said...

Go Ty! How lucky you are to have such a handy hubby! :-)

Danna Banana said...

I cannot tell you how sexy it is to have a man who can fix stuff.
Hooray for all men willing to learn how to do it!!!!!!

TWO THUMBS, and wrenches, UP!!!

Lauren said...

Yes.. I too want a new washer but I don't want the price..
Glad Ty got it fixed!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ty! He needs a boy to bump chests with or something ;-)

Melanie said...

Yay for Ty!!! I know what you mean about something new sounding really neat, until you step back a minute and think about the cost. :)

Glad it worked out so cheaply for you guys! Handy husbands are the best kind to have!

AND, I'm glad that guy you saw while you were running was harmless. That would have been so scary!

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